So this is why it's good to try new things... a reveal!

  1. And the leather is scrumptious! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  2. Beautiful bag! The volor is beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Great find! Gorgeous bag. Love the color. Congrats!
  4. Wow--I didn't think Murier was so dark---love it!
  5. Yaay me! I think I'd like a prize for getting it right. That bag would do nicely :graucho:
    Murier is a beautiful colour - congratulations!
  6. Thank you so much! It really satisfied my neutral bag/coloured bag urges as it goes with everything I have in my wardrobe. :lol:

    Clevercat- you really are a clever cat! :smartass:

    Shelz- I cannot capture the colour the same as she is IRL, I'll post one that my seller provided and that too is a good presentation.
  7. I love Murier too. Congrats. It is gorgeous.
  8. As a purple fan girl, I love everything purple. And Murier is just a real beauty. Congrats!
  9. Congrats Murier is a gorgeous colour.....enjoy your new beauty.
  10. Love it! murier is a great shade of purple :tup: Congrats!!!
  11. Beautiful! I love murier and kick myself for not getting one I saw a few years back. Congrats on this stunning bag!
  12. ok. wow. that is so pretty!
  13. Thank you so much for your kind words! I do love how versatile she is!
  14. Congratulations
  15. Miss murier is stunning S, I hope you love carrying her and showing her off.