So THIS is what insanity feels like!

  1. Huh....I thought it would hurt more. :p

    Call me crazy but I couldn't take it. Not one more day. I could not stand to see this beautiful bag lanquish at this fantastic price for another second.

    It's my new favorite style and although I have a Riki in burgundy, the bags are so totally different, I went for it! It was the price that lured me in, if it had been even $100 more I would have probably passed. But at this price? A GREAT deal!!

    It had been for sale previously and didn't sell, the seller knocked off $200 and still it didn't get a bid after 5 days, so I offered her $600 to change the listing to a BIN, she agreed, and it's now on it's way to me! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats, I love the Ring it was what first got my heart beating for Choo. The color & price are amazing!! I saw it on eBay & thought to myself what a deal but I'm looking to add a Rikki or Maddy (in a HOT, bright color) to my small but blessed collection maybe in this comming sale! :nuts: Enjoy your new Ring!!!
  3. Stinkerbelle - Congrats on a great bag! I like the Ring, too. Are you going to get the yellow Cruise 07 model, too?
  4. That's a beaut! Conrats!
  5. Congrats!!! It is a gorgeous bag! :woohoo:

    I also saw this bag and knew it was authentic and a good price, but I'm still hesitant to buy anything on eBay :push:. I'm scared! :shame:

  6. OY...I just saw the yellow Ring this morning and it's not my cup of tea. A bit too bright, and I prefer the biker leather to the patent.

    I tend to shy away from very bright and light colored bags. I carried a Winter White bag all Summer and even with being as careful as is humanly possible, it still would pick up dirt here and there. Since the yellow Ring is patent, it may be easier to wipe it clean, but it is indeed a bright bag! After seeing it today it made me even happier that I went for the burgundy bag on eBay....from what I'm seeing so far there really isn't a whole lot that is catching my eye in the new line. :shrugs:
  7. Where did you see it? I am not a fan of yellow anything, except corn on the cob and butter and lemons. I could never wear yellow. And a slick yellow patent would remind me of rain slickers. Is yellow a popular color this season?
  8. eBay is indeed a scary place to buy almost anything these days! The only way I'll buy something as pricey as a bag is if I know for sure it's authentic, the seller has a LOT of positive feedback, and most importantly that the purchase falls under PayPal's $2,000 Buyer Protection plan. If all of that falls into place, and there's a good deal to be had....I'm there! :tup:

    You know what though? Since joining this forum it's the sellers horror stories that I've read that have turned me off to ever trying to sell a bag on eBay. I've read too many stories of sellers who have lost their bag and their money due to dishonest buyers. :tdown:
  9. Check out JC online....the Cruise 07 link! The bag is shown there in all it's VERY bright glory! :yes:

    And you're DOES remind me of a rain slicker! :lol:
  10. :yes: That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the tip!!!

    I am hoping to have a successful transaction very soon, if another good JC pops up. :sweatdrop:
  11. ^^ If there is a specific bag or bags that you're looking for, we can keep an eye out for you....they (authentic bags) do show up every now and then! :tup:
  12. I'm so glad you got that bag Stinkerbelle. It amazes me that people will bid on some of those fakes, but when a real one comes along sometimes it sits there. If I didn't already have a Radiant in that color, I would have bid on that bag!:nuts:
  13. I saw it, too. I was hoping it wouldn't be patent cause I would love a yellow Choo. I must admit I am a little disappointed with the cruise line. Ah well, SS is on the way!:sad:
  14. Yeah...and that was the dilemma! I have a burgundy Riki which I love, and I have a Ring that I love (in black) I really wasn't looking to add another bag to my collection. But who am I to pass up a great deal on a style of bag that I think is swell? Swell?? Fonzie? Is that you? :p And I agree too that it IS sad that so many people have paid so much money for FAKES when many times the real deal has gone for a song! :hs:

    Honestly, if the bag had been listed for $100 more I would have passed, but the Ring bag is to me what the Maddy is to you. I can see myself carrying it for eons to come (if global warming does not wipe out my little corner of the Earth first....or well...Noel which apparently is on it's way and bringing all kinds of bad stuff to SE CT.).

    I'm just not really loving the new line. I definitely prefer the textured patents to the new smooth patents and the styles are just jazzed up versions of what is already out there.

    But my new to me bag was shipped today from MD. to CT. so I should have it by Mon. or Tues...I'll let you know how it all turns out! :yes:
  15. Thank you so much, Sbelle! :yes:

    I really appreciate your help! I love the Ramona, Riki and ring hobo, but I am still a newbie to JC, so I am still doing my research. The bags are so lovely!

    Robyn introduced me to JC. I remember seeing a beautiful woman with a gorgeous purse the day of the Minneapolis TPF meet back in April, and I instantly knew she was a member! :p She has an awesome collection!

    I cannot wait til she gets back from Germany!