So This Is What I'm Thinking...

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  1. So darn, I had this whole thing written out last night. I hit the submit button and then got the TPF Maintenance sign and my whole thread was lost! So I'll start again, lol...

    After a few conversations with Ignacio I have an idea of what I would like for my first Ignes bag. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

    Style: Midi Sofia - no reinforcement (aka Mr. Puddles)

    Color: Cognac (Ignacio suggested a cognac leather that is very slouchy (132))

    Strap: Initially I was going to go with the Cecilia handles but I think that might be too dressy for my every day wardrobe. And being that I prefer a single shoulder strap I am thinking I will not have any shorter handles. Instead I will have just the single shoulder strap (that most of you use as a crossbody option) with about a 9 inch drop.

    Lining: It will be suede but I am not sure if I should go for a matching lining or a different color for contrast. What do you guys think?

    Hardware: I usually prefer silver hardware. Do ya'll think it'll look to harsh against the Cognac?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. same thing happened to me with the maintenance blowing away my post!!

    that's great that you've found a slouchy cognac. I think brushed gold would be great, since that's my fave, but I'm sure silver would be divine if that's your preference.

    I vote contrast with the suede lining!!

    I've not seen this cognac, so my musings on hardware are musings only.
  3. Hmm....what does this brushed gold hardware look like? Any pics in particular I could view!

    According to Ignacio the cognac he is suggesting is slouchier and a little more "glossy". But I imagine the color would be very similar to the swatch you sent me? So what would be a nice contrast lining for that? A deep red maybe? My favorite color is green but I am not sure how that would look. That's the only trouble....trying to imagine things in my head.
  4. That sounds very nice! If you look in the reference library, there are a lot of bags w/ gold hardware. I like that with cognac. The midi is a great size and it should slouch nicely. The leather sounds very pretty.
  5. I don't have anything with the brushed gold and wish I did! The silver is nice, but the gold has a richer look! Against the Cognac would be spectacular!

    I think my next Ignes will be white or cream with the brushed gold!

    Let us know when you submit your order!
  6. Thanks guys! I am hoping to finalize my order this week. I am so excited!!! I keep looking at lionlaw's Mr. Puddles....I hope I can give him a cousin, Mr. Slouchy!!! :P
  7. Sounds gorgeous...Mr. Slouchy Cognac! I have gold hardware on my Veronica Max if you want to take a look in the reference threads (can't link as it's on my home computer and I'm at work). It's very nice, very warm.
  8. knasarae! You are going to get a bag I would love! For the sale I was torn between a gorgeous bag and a practical bag for my medical junk, as now I cant afford both of them. So I am ordering the practical ( wich I know will be also gorgeous) Francis in raspberry, but let me tell you wich was the GORGEOUS model: a midisofia in cognac, without reinforcement, with a warm golden hardware, and a fix ( I dont like the hooks) shoulder strap made just the size to use it everyday, I would had the usual straps made shorter ( just 2 inches drop) for the moment I would want to handheld the bag. In my imagination it is such a gorgeous classic bag, I would go with ignes soft suede lining, but not in a pop colour, just a sweet gold tone to match.

    so, YES, I am sure your bag is going to be GORGEOUS, girl!
  9. PS I have the gold harware in my minisofia in tinted wine ( you can see the pics in my thread: newbaglovers new bags) , I have put the cognac swatch besides gold HW and it is like the leather showed you the warm undertones, with silver harware is ok, but not as pretty as gold HW.
  10. the silver HW is pretty, it's a shiny silver. I like the mutedness of the brushed gold, personally.
  11. Thanks guys!! I will check out those pics newbaglover, I am sure they will help me! Now just to get an email back from Ignacio confirming everything!
  12. yay, knasarae!!!!
  13. Congrats! I hope you will like your bag!
  14. I'd say gold hardware and contrast suede lining..but beige would be pretty.
  15. Contrast is good, I agree. Beige is good, too. I can't wait to see your bag, knasarae!