So this is what I wound up with!!!

  1. So I went to LV with all intentions of getting the Pop Haut, the Cabas Piano or possible the Noe. PH still seemed just a bit too structured for me - Cabas didn't do it, they were out of the Petite Noe (and the shoulder strap wouldn't stay on anyway) so I wound up with ....... The Petite Bucket! Great size, cute shape and VERY casual!! The salesgirl showed me how to tie the bandeau onto both straps so if I'm nervous about it being open, it helps to keep it shut. Its adorable!! Thoughts??
    bucket1.jpg bucket2.jpg bucket3.jpg
  2. Oh that's real cute. Love the bandeau accent.
  3. Very nice :biggrin:
  4. it's a very cute shape. Love the scarf also.
  5. Hey - I just checked the date code and its FL0034 which means its from March 2004. Isn't that a tad old to be sitting around??? Would that bother you??
  6. I just bought a Mono Ellipse and the code said something like SD0901 - meaning it was made in 2001??? Im not sure i want to keep it if its that old? what do you think as well? I was thinking of returning it and asking for something newer?
  7. I don't know - what do YOU experts think?
  8. I really like the bandeau on it! That's so cute.
  9. In the pics it looks like the vachetta is really white so it wouldn't bother me at all. As long as it wasn't patinaed in a way I didn't like I wouldn't care. :biggrin: It's so cute with the scarf! Keep it!!!! :lol:
  10. That's very cute!!

    As far as the date thing-- I recently bought a new LV and requested one from this year-- that's just me...
  11. Cute! Love the freebie pochette! The age wouldn't bother me, but it has bothered some of the other forumers.
  12. Aww.. I love the bandeau, it's so cute !
  13. Hi Ayla - I know you don't love the bag, though, haha - almost did get the PH again
  14. LOVE the bag!!! What a great choice!

    Personally, I want a date code that is as new as possible. When I bought the Damier Pap30 two weeks ago and got it home, the date code was beginning of 2004. I ended up exchanging it for something else because I didn't like the Damier as much as I thought I would -- but I would've definitely returned it anyway for a newer date code and if they didn't have one, then a different style.

    That's just me though. I'm a relatively new LV buyer (after 20 year break) and I want a "brand new made" bag! :smile:

    (I was also ready to exchange the Pap because the sides were about 1/8" "off" on the canvas and it bugged me.)
  15. hmmmm I'm thinking I might call them to see if they have a newer one in. It just bugs me a tiny bit that perhaps its been sitting around a long time and tried on by a lot of people - I want a virgin bag, lol!