So this is what Heaven is like......

  1. My purple Mahala arrived today and it is PERFECT!!! :yahoo::yahoo::wlae: Everything I imagined and so much more! I was afraid it'd arrive with scratches or something broken or damaged at the very least, but NOPE! Heaven, I tell ya! The leather is soooo soft. My first Choo just a while back was a slick Black Ramona and although I love the bag, I usually prefer a softer leather. This is just the right mix of soft leather and suede. I am so excited about this bag! My first Mahala! :heart: I guess good things DO come to those who wait (and wait, and wait, and wait)!!
  2. purseinsanity, patience pays off! That purple is such a rich color. Wear the bag in good health!
  3. :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:

    Post modeling pictures when you get a chance!!! What a great pair of deals you scored! Yippppeeee!!!:p
  4. congrats! how wonderful for you!:tup: would also love to see modeling pics.:girlsigh:
  5. You are one lucky girl. That purple Mahala is really pretty. And you cannot beat a Choo when it comes to style! Wear it in good health.
  6. Thanks everyone! I am really going to sit down this weekend and try to figure out how to post pictures! Wish me luck!:rolleyes:
  7. Can't wait to see the pics! Congrats!!!
  8. I will be watching out for the pic's...can't wait to see it.
  9. Congrats purseinsanity! Good for you! And to think a lot of people have been hoping for that but missed it. You must have prayed really hard! lol! :woohoo: Modelling pics, don't forget! :cool:
  10. Oh, yes post pics! I love this color:love: