So this is what happens when you're on a "ban"

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    I visited my favorite Louis Vuitton store today and guess what?

    I BROKE MY BAN! :nuts:

    I got myself something small... Any guesses?

  2. :thinking:
  3. inclusion bracelet
  4. New vernis cles or zippy???

    Hahahha...totally understand...I'm on a "ban" too! LOL :P
  5. Oh no, never go in a store when banned, there's no way out of there without breaking it!!! Show, show!!:woohoo:
  6. something small huh?? maybe a bleu nuit?
  7. Zippy wallet?
  8. ZCP?.....MC slg?
  9. A Cles?
  10. :graucho:

  11. Zcp?
  12. Bleu Nuit ZCP ?
  13. It's almost mid-night here...pls open it! lol
  14. Woah! You guys are GOOD!!!!!

    Here it is...
    My new baby (and my first) zippy coin purse in bleu nuit! :dothewave:


  15. the zcp. congrats!