So this is what all the fuss is about! First bbag-did I choose black or color? PICS

  1. :girlsigh:Wow! I 'got it' by looking at all the pictures, but sigh...I can't stop petting and looking at her! In real life, she's so amazing!

    First bbag purchase! Violet 07 city rh

    Sorry, but I went OCD on the pics....but I couldn't stop! LOL

    And, the modeling pics suck...someone will have to tell me how to do that! But, the great news is, I am in jeans 90% of the time and knew it'd look good w/those, but I actually had a business meeting yesterday and I loved the way it looked w/my black and white outfit!

    (THANKS BECCA and everyone else who helped me!)
    cami hair broce christmas 001.jpg cami hair broce christmas 002.jpg
  2. Is this the 'veiny' everyone is describing? If so, I have to say not only does it not bother me, but I think I :heart:it! It just adds to the distressed look, imo.

    The leather is thick and smooshy and flexible and smells good and feels wonderful!:love:

    And one last thing...WOW is she purple! I had no idea from the pics that the colors were literally this vibrant! My only I a strong enough woman to carry a bright purple bag everywhere I go??!!:nuts:
    violet 012.jpg violet 002.jpg violet 005.jpg violet 008.jpg violet 001.jpg

    Love it - just stunning and absolutely purple perfection!!!

    Don't worry- violet city will start looking like a third arm....she'll blend in like camo!

    :upsidedown: I love your bbag M!! It's amazzzzzing!!
  4. Congrat on your first Bbag! Violet is one of my favorite colors. From your comments, it sounds like it won't be your last either. :graucho: I don't know why, but these bags are just so darn addictive. I probably spend as much time petting mine and staring at them as I do using them. :shrugs:
  5. Michelle- OMG. You look stunning with your violet! Beyond fabulous! You made the right choice, congrats dear!
  6. Congrats "M".:yahoo: It looks fab on you.:tup: You did well on your first City purchase.:yes: Enjoy it.:heart:
  7. ^^ thanks Danae! :angel:You were so patient with my indecisiveness!

    I have to say, I'm glad I have the city as I didn't realize how much crap I was hauling around in my suitcase called speedy! That bag was a bottomless pit!:nuts:

    Thanks Alaska and Amber! I love her!:love:
  8. Congrats on your first bbag! :yahoo:Your violet city is stunning! I love the distressed leather :drool:
  9. Congrats on your stunning TDF distressed Violet!!! :woohoo:
  10. wooooow!! the leather is smooshy! congrats!
  11. Girl. you are MORE than woman enough - you are ROCKING that bag!!! Delicously lovely bag. I too love the veiny, marbled, distressed leather!! I know some really don't but it's my preference. My black city has that type of leather and I adore it!! Again, congratulations, it's beautiful and suits you sooo well!!
  12. THANKS everyone for letting me share!

    I didn't remember show-n-tell being this much fun! LOL
  13. Congratulations on your first bbag!! Your modeling pics are waaayyyy better than anything I've ever been able to take!! The bag looks great on you!!
  14. I'm so glad you went with a color! It looks fabulous on you!! Congrats-she's a beauty!!
  15. :yahoo:Congrats!!!:yahoo: Violet is my favorite color ever!!!! :heart: You look so great with the violet city!!!! Use it well~ Go ROCK it!!!!!!!:supacool: