so this is random but i think my legs look really nice here!

  1. lol. okay so this is totally random....i was just doing some listing on eBay (getting rid of some shoes from a longgg time ago...actually by request, a past buyer asked me to list more so...)
    so i find that whenever i have "modeling" pics everything sells soooo much better!
    so i took a pic of these shoes and as i was tagging all my pics, i thought...hey my legs looks pretty shapely there.
    i had been feeling bad because i feel like my weight fluctuates a lot and i am going through a feeling fat slump. (i dont exercise or anything...even though i dont work...i never feel like i have time too...but DBF and i are suppost to be getting gym memberships.)
    just thought i'd share lol.

    no need to post comments, i know this is really weird and random. lol


    cant wait to get some Christian Louboutins for these babies! LOL.
  2. Nice stems!
  3. Good job! Your legs are fantastic! :tup:
  4. Great Gams!!!
  5. Pretty nice?? How bout rather sexy!
  6. they do look nice. Maybe I should quit exercising so I can get legs like that, not that I exercise much as it is.
  7. yeahhhh, thats hotttt!!! :tup:
  8. Ditto! They look hot! I wish....still have weight to go though and major toning...
  9. Aw they look porn!:angel::graucho:
  10. HOT LEGS LV!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    Isn't that wonderful when you discover a picture of yourself where you are stunning and you didn't even know it?!?!

    I had the same thing happen to me :shame: Typically, I hate my body and feel incredibly fat and flabby. But I was taking pics for a shoe sale and when I downloaded them, I was pleasantly surprised!! :yes: Can I share too???

  11. Wow you guys are sexy!!! Beautiful legs!
  12. Nice legs :tup: Plus it goes well with the tan :smile:

    LoL I get moments too where I take some pics & I just love how a certain feature looks. Makes you treasure those pictures :p
  13. Nice pic, very artistic. Your legs look great!
  15. haha...thanks guys! too bad i am always in flats! my bf is only an inch taller than me (on a good day...or one of his big hair days) he has a bit of a complex and doesnt like me to wear heels.