SO this has to be fake right?

I think I am going to email the seller and say I live in the same area...I will tell them I use to sell Hermes and that their listing is a great buy. I am going to ask if they will let me come by to see the items before I bid. Let's see what they say....
KellyB, perhaps you should say you live nearby and would like to look at the bags because it's a great price and you're interested. If they agree, then mention that you used to work at Hermes and see what happens.
:blink: So what's with all the guff about needing to sell them for a personal family crisis...??:weird: Not to mention the price.....if they are fake bags, that is just abominable!!:wacko: :evil:
Why go to all that it just a sales technique..?
coco-nut...that is what I just did. I wanted to be careful with my words because if they are crooked they may think I am like a cop trying to make a bust on selling fakes. They would then never say yes to me.
Could be! There are some amazing forfeiters who go to all lengths. Do you all know the profit on the fakes? It is a tremendous mark up and dealers go to great lengths to smuggle them in th U.S. What is a rain protector for them to copy...CHEAP!!!