so thick, so juicy - my first

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  1. dh returned from spain with a present for me. i really didn't expect it. he picked this pattern to celebrate dd's start of school and to acknowledge the difficult week she and i have had. the sentiment is worth more then the silk, but the silk is so darn fun! it's really like no other silk i've experienced - so thick and juicy. love the scarf book so so much. i've reviewed it online, but having it in my hands is a really nice treat.
    i have a sprained neck, so i was very restricted in how much i could play with it, but i tried a few styles out this morning. i am wearing it as a headscarf today but the twisted headband might be a favorite - twisting it like that gives it such nice body and shape. (please ignore my rumbled, stained self today:shame:smile:
    scarf8.jpg scarf7.jpg scarf5.jpg scarf6.jpg scarf4.jpg scarf3.jpg scarf2.jpg scarf1.jpg
  2. Hi Heels!

    I TOTALLY LOVE your scarf!! DH has splendid taste and I think it fits your style so well. (I am a regular fan of your posting in the wardrobe subforum).
  3. Congrats!!!! :yahoo: What a perfect scarf! It looks so good on you HH!
  4. those colors! :nuts: but your headline made me hungry :P ...for something!:lol:
    I have never quite thought of a scarf in those terms!:shame:
  5. You look maaahhhvelous! You're quite the pro at tying scarves! Congratulations!
  6. BEAUTIFUL scarf, J! I LOVE the way you use it especially the twisted headband! The color is perfect for you and you look GORGEOUS! Your DH is very, very sweet.......
  7. Wow - look at how you tied it! Looks fabulous! What a great scarf and sentiment from DH.
  8. You could be writing "Playtime with your scarf".
  9. super chic, HH! love it!
  10. shopmom when i did the headband i thought, this is something miss-toss-it-around-my-neck-shopmom could do and would look so great!
    hello i've practiced on non-h scarves and studied my little book.
    avandome it's so true. such thick slippery silk
    crochetbella thank you so much
    tokyo girl thank you so much for those compliments! i have been lusting after 2 h scarves and this isn't either, lol, but somehow that allows me to enjoy it more, makes it less precious/fragile/delicate, so i'm free to play and use it and enjoy it.
  11. The scarves are increadibly durable, have fun using it, I love how the colors look on you!
  12. Very refreshing orange, and I love the way you wear it as a twisted headscarf! That is so chic! Wonderful husband you have!
  13. HH, fyi, A Vos Crayons is apparently the H scarf with the most screens - 42 - used.
    Don't you just love the contrasting hem? I love it.
    I admit the scarf never did much for me when I saw pictures of it but seeing you with it, makes me want one RIGHT NOW!
  14. Which scarves have you been lusting after, J?
  15. whoa HH that's a beautiful scarf!!
    The color looks great on you! Gorgeous! thanks for posting pictures!
    I don't know why I bought 2 simliar colorway scarves :Push: . Need to use my brain a little better!

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