So ... They are having a Chanel runway show in my town ...

  1. Yes , Karl Lagerfeld will be here . In Cleveland of all places ! I really want to go . Last I heard tickets were going for $50,000.00 though ! So I probably wont be . It's some sort of benefit for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum . Additionally they are having another trunk show at Saks to kick off the event , which I will be going to . There was a huge article about it in the paper yesterday . I will try and find a link to it .
  2. How fun!! Wish I could come to the trunk show with you!!
  3. Have fun, sounds exciting.
  4. Here is a link to the first article . It's about Chanel in general . Search

    And this was an additional story about a local ladys Chanel collection . Search

    I thought it might be a fun read . I was wrong about the price , it's 50 grand per table , per good table actually . I've got to find a way to go .
  5. Oh my gosh, I hope you can find a way to go to the show! Thanks for the links to the articles. I wish I got the Sundance channel so I can watch the Lagerfeld documentary.
  6. I know ! I'm thinking of ordering it for a moth just so I can watch it then cancelling it . hehe .
  7. Thanks for the info SophiaLee. It is nice to meet a fellow Chanel lover in Northeast Ohio. Do you happen to know when the Saks trunk show will be?
  8. I believe it's Sept. 7 . I keep thinking it's the 8th though ? ( Sigh ) I will call Chris tomorrow and find out .