So, there are only 2 sizes of the cert tote, yes?

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  1. Small and large? I've read through a few threads and that is what it appears to be, but I just want to be sure. Can anyone post a pic of EACH? TIA
  2. here ya go (pics borrowed from eBay)


  3. The large one comes with CC lock as shown or with the mademoiselle lock like on the small one ... I THINK the small one is not in production right now, at least that is what the last SA told me .... and I have seen the large one in Black, Brown, White, Beige
  4. The large one, at least mine,black with gold CC came with an extra long strap so you can wear it as a messenger bag. I have the smaller one in beige, with dark silver, it does not bring the extra strap., I think these are the only two sizes.
  5. there are 2 sizes with the maidemoselle lock too. the large one doesn't come with the extra strap.

  6. I think the small one ONLY comes with the mademoiselle lock but the large one comes in either ...

    and you are right, I forgot to add that only the large one with the CC lock comes with the extra strap:yes:

    AND, I am pretty sure the small one only comes with Silver HW ... someone please correct me if I am wrong here!
  7. QueenV, thank you for posting those 2 pics; very kind of you. So ladies, which one to wear with suits if you are 6'1" in bare feet? This would NOT be used to carry office papers, files, etc. but as a sophisticated bag for lunch and dinner dates/meetings. TIA