so then how do you have so many bags???

  1. i saw the thread about how much you would spend on a bag and to my surprise most answered around $1000. Seeing pictures of all the bags that you guys own i always thought your budget would be so much more. now i'm confused as to how you have so many bags! do you guys buy used on ebay or let-trade? i've just discovered let-trade but haven't found any descent ebay sellers. are there any good sellers out there that are noteworthy? i too am tight on money but want more LVs!!
  2. I buy from trusted sellers on Ebay, or from trips, no other choice because there´s no LV here nor do they ship here from elux or Pinch on the coffee to go, newspapers, don´t buy new clothes so much etc. and you´ll get the money. Let-trade has some wonderful deals.
  3. i buy from trusted eBay sellers, but that's only if the bag is discontinued. i try to get everything else new. my parents send me money every month, and i try to save money on everything else. i have the awful mentality now that every penny i save goes to a new bag :lol:!
  4. I've mianly purchased from the Vuitton store, and more recently through Let-Trade and Eluxury. I've only purchased from Ebay once, although I wouldn't mind doing it again if I find an awesome deal, or a discontinued item. You really just have to save for what you want (or in my case, splurge when you see a limited item that you HAVE to HAVE). In regards to purchasing on Ebay, you have to do you homework, and it doesn't hurt to post on the 'Authenticate This' thread. There are ALOT of PFer's who have tons of experience with Vuitton items. And yes, just like Nola said you have to pinch here and there.. in my case, I stopped obsessng over shoes and I laid off buying so much clothes..:rolleyes:
  5. Awful? You mean wonderful mentality:lol: ! My bf laughs at me when I talk about saving because he knows I´ll just end up using the money on LV:shame:
  6. LOL.. my bf cracked up just last night when I said that!! He was laughing for like 3 minutes straight!! I almost smacked him!!!! :noggin:
  7. there're quite a lot of LV resellers on ebay. you can type in MPRS on google and find the list of reputable LV resellers. so far, i only have 2 LVs and i bought them both from ebay. hopefully my next LV will be new!
  8. Save, save and save. :yes: But of course spending within my means. I'm pretty (ok, very) anal about my bags so I only buy them from the stores.
  9. I've only gotten one piece from ebay and another from a forum member (my new bracelet.) Otherwise yeah, save! A lot of my friends basically scoff when they see that I got a new piece. But to think about it logically, I don't spend a ton of money in other places, for example, I don't get my nails done all the time and I don't do spa trips like they do so often. All that adds up..but they spend their money their way and I spend my money in my way. I just happen to prefer a bag or accessory I know I'll have forever instead of a manicure that will last for about a week.
  10. I currently only have three bags and a wallet. Two of the bags are from trusted MPRS, and the others are directly from the boutique. At one point, I was up to five bags and two wallets, most of which were from MPRS.
  11. I buy all LVs from the LV store...I have 6 LV bags...................
    and 5 Prada bags that I purchased online from discount stores....I will only pay retail for LV b/c they never go on sale....:yes:
  12. I agree, Lvbabydoll! I've never gone for a professional manicure - I do it myself! And it saves me a lot of money. $30 each time would probably add up to about $60 a month and $720 a year!
  13. I get really good grades!
  14. work save work save work work and more work...its sucks.
  15. Oh I know! I get them done sometimes for special occasions but otherwise, I do them myself. And some of the spa days my friends have cost upwards of $300! For me, I couldn't spend that because I'd keep thinking of what new accessory I'd be able to buy with that money.