So the Toronto Police knocked on my door . . .

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  1. I didn't do anything, but the boyfriend of the woman in the apartment next to me did. He was wanted for beating someone up really badly and they had a warrent for him. The police wanted to know if I heard anything coming from next door, or if I could see into their balcony from mine.

    Kind of freaked me out seeing them there. I was like, "I didn't do anything! I only moved in two days ago!" After they looked at my balcony, they said something like, "We have some bagging to do." Then I heard a knock on the door next door and that was it.
  2. Oh jeez :sad:

    That's always scary when the police come to your house!
  3. Ooh scary - at least it wasn't you they wanted!:yes:
  4. Yikes! Good thing that you just moved in though or else they'd be quizzing you.
  5. :wtf: wow what in the world is "bagging"?
  6. I think he just meant, 'We're going to get the guy.'

    Someone else I told that story to said, if I had seen Law and Order, the police were just gathering information.
  7. always scared when I see the police.. i get reminded that I am a speeder.. lol lol....
  8. LOL I would have thought they were strippers or something.
  9. Ever since I got pulled over once for tailgating, I get really nervous when a police car is driving behind me. (And the sirens look SO much more daunting at night!)
  10. :roflmfao: Only if they were hot.
  11. wtf that would almsot scare me enough to move back in with my parents
  12. Lol Selena!
  13. I ran into that woman on my way out this morning. We were in the same elevator.

    It was very awkward, standing next to her when the police knocked on my door before they arrested her boyfriend.

    The only thing she said to me was, "I need a bigger change purse!"

    (I was half afraid she'd be like, "You *****! You got my boyfriend arrested!" Realistically, she didn't know that the police talked to me before they knocked on her door. So that was comforting.)
  14. OMG! I would not like to be in your situation. I prefer a calm, quiet environment. Hopefully nothing else will happen in your complex! That would just flip me out!
  15. That certainly is scary and unnerving. I have one for you, 2 nights ago at about 2:30am (I was up, gaming of course:smile: and my house alarm deploys. I ran to the key pad to see what part of the house had been breach or if it was some type of error.

    Well the key pad indicated that their was a basement door breach AND that a motion detector close to the door covering the stairwell up into our home was also breached.

    Buy this time (10 seconds) my wife was up so I had her take our 1yr old and retreat to our 5yr olds bedroom so I would now they were all together in that room.

    At this point the phone is ringing, because the alarm company system had detected the breach as well, I grabbed the phone and was immediately advised that a double failure or false alarm on 2 separate devices was highly unlikely.

    While they handled calling the police (this has been about 30 sec – 1min so far) I open my safe a pulled out a rifle. (Don’t worry, highly trained, and totally legal)

    At this point I did what I would advise anyone in my shoes to do. I waited just outside the door of the room my family was secure in and I could see the cellar door from my position, and I just waited. NO need for me to be a hero, and check things out, my family was protected, I was armed, and the police were on the way.

    We made sure to inform the police in route that the homeowner was armed and to use extreme caution. Upon arrival, the police quickly ran around the building looking for an open door, broken window, etc, but nothing.

    They advised me to meet them at the door, which I did, and these 2 police officers had to go down into my basement and “clear” it or check it out. They had weapons drawn and were very serious about their jobs.

    How is this for scary, they asked me to watch their backs, to make sure nobody came down the steps from behind AND if I heard gun fire or a struggle to NOT come down, but to get back on the phone to 911 giving them all information possible.

    In the end it was an almost unheard off double failure of the mother board in the alarm unit. No one broke in or attempted to.

    Even though I have years of rifle training, under stressful circumstances, it is hard to keep you cool under those conditions.

    Needless to say, I did not sleep well that night, but the police were so cool. They must have spent an hour looking at all my doors and windows, searching the property for anything strange, and they left a police officer in his car parked in my driveway (lights out) for about 2 hours. Thanks again PD.

    I was very scared about what would have happened if a crazed idiot came charging up those steps into my kitchen. Deep breaths, slow down, think. I hope that was my excitement for the year or decade. LOL

    BTW, the kids slept through the whole thing. LOL