so the search for louis vuitton bags goes on

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  1. we never stop searching, we are allways after a bag we cannot get. With me its many bags...some are too expensive but I cannot get in store so Look on eBay and its still not there. Once there was three on but now none. Why oh why didnt I buy one then ??. Now I miss out.
  2. I miss out on vernis mercer keepall, once there was three on eBay
    Indigo vernis now none on eBay
    Bronze vernis cles = none
  3. keep looking, don't fret, eventually you'll find your special pieces and it will have been worth the wait....:flowers:
  4. I know what you mean! Months ago - summer? - there were TWO red jasmins that I remember on let-trade, each for a good price...but I didn't spring for them then...and now I haven't seen a red one for a good price ANYWHERE since then...kickin myself for not getting one then every day...
  5. I know what you mean about ebay/secondary market being empty. I'm trying to look for the perfect cles (first up vernis, second perfo), but they're few and far between lately! And the ones that are up are much too expensive/overpriced than they were some months ago. Before they were so plentiful...I could kick myself for not getting them when I had the chance. :sad:
  6. i know what you mean!!!
  7. Im glad so many of you know what I mean, Like I see things and I take it for granted that they are gunna keep comin up on ebay again and again but It has just stopped...None :sad:....Dead Gone, thats your lot .com
  8. Don't give up, one will show up before you know it.
  9. Have faith-one will show up again when you least expect it. Then you will know it is your time!!!!
  10. :yes: :yes:
  11. You watch they will pop back up and it will be a great deal. It has happened to me so many times and I didn't bid! Then I was so disappointed...then suddenly one pops up with a bad title or bad pictures and I got a steal on it...I am keeping my fingers crossedfor you!
  12. You always find great things when you don't have the money for it...
  13. yeah dont give up man! I keep hoping to find a few things on there for cheap but I still end up going back to the store and spending the extra $ lol.

    but dont give up! im a sucker!
  14. I know what ya mean...when I had the $$ for the silver graffiti speedy there were a bunch and now nada (unless I want to pay huang price which I don't).