so the mirage is still available online...

  1. I've just checked: better buy it while you can
  2. I was quite surprised when I saw that last night I'm even more surprised it's still available today but £925 (?) is a lot for a sppedy maybe that what's putting people off the pics don't show the effect very well either
  3. You could be right. I saw it that black one IRL this morning and it looked nice. There was no red one on display though - I think it would have been nicer.
  4. They are both very cool-looking in person but again, $2000 for a Speedy that looks similar to a regular mono speedy to the untrained eye is a lot of $$$.
  5. it's $2000 in USA?! Gosh that's quite a difference. Even at £925 in the Uk, it's 3x the price of a regular speedy, which is £310.
  6. It's gone.
  7. it's still on
  8. Oops... I was going by Thanks!
  9. its $1870 without tax. so for some states it'll go to $2000.
  10. The mirage speedy was available on eluxury today?!
  11. ^ in the uk section is showing it available it came on yesterday and still up, musette is not available but pics are up
  12. ITA!!!
  13. Why isn't it on in the US?? Mine had a defect and I want a new one!!!
  14. Seen & heard conflicting info on this one. I, too was wondering why it's not yet on us

    Since I started carrying it, people have been genuinely interested in buying this bag but I don't know what to tell them about it's availability. Don't wanna say, "oh yeah, it's sooo limited right now, hurry up & buy yours" if that's not really the case. Or tell them vice versa, etc., etc.

    The manager of my nearest LV did say that definitely, her store was only getting one of each for the whole season (I bought the bordeaux so that leaves the noir). She mentioned San Francisco got 13 & Santa Clara got 6. To me that means very it's limited. But as we all know, LV has been known to change it's mind or give conflicting info...
  15. What kind of defect, Dell?