So the deed is done.....

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  1. I ordered the Men's Weekender from Barneys LA in arrives next week. I will post pictures when it arrives.....
  2. Whoop whoop! :yahoo::wlae::wlae::wlae:
  3. Great choice, you are going to love it.
  4. I better love it....I wont be able to eat real food until February and will be selling some other stuff to make up the deficit in my wallet :sos: :sos: :sos:
  5. Congratulations, Clarke76. Can't wait to see pics. I love to see guys on the Forum.:yahoo:

    BTW, I love your avatar. I hate it when a guy looks better than me.:p
  6. yay! congrats! Make sure to take tons of pictures of her.
  7. Congrats!! Ink would be a really cool color for men. Can't wait to see how it looks in the men's weekender style!
  8. congrats!!! fabulous!!! can't wait to see pics. men and bbags... so sexy!!!!!
  9. :party: Did you get it in ink? Definitely show us pictures when you get it. Congratulations!
  10. awesome. You are gonna love it! And hey, ramen noodles aren't all that bad :amuse:
  11. True but at this rate, I am going to have the noodles one night and the seasoning with water the next night. But hey, getting skinny worked for:

    Mary Kate Olsen

    Lindsey Lohen

    Nicole Richie

    Kate Bostworth

    All of them shot to the top by not eating, so maybe in some way, the BBag is my ticket to skinny fame and glory......:nuts:
  12. I missed this post and posted on the other one but Congrats!!! Pics Please!!
  13. I'm also in the course of skinny by BBag :sweatdrop:
  14. CONGRATS Clake! I can't wait to see the pics!
  15. Men Weekender with longer handles? Can't wait to see the pic!