So the concenous seems to be Silver hw on the Jumbo Classic...

  1. Since I love both the silver and gold on the Jumbo Classic black caviar flap equally and am driving myself nuts trying to decide(and everyone else) lol so short of getting both (not an option...) or flipping a coin...I will listen to the very wise advice of my fellow Chanel ladies and call my SA tomorrow!

    I am 25, my style is casual but pretty classic. I wear silver David Yurman jewelry with gold accents, so its mostly silver with a little yellow gold.
  2. Now you got me 2nd guessing my gold hardware Jumbo. In fact I am gonna look at the silver one tomorrow....just in case haha.
  3. Starbrite,ohh no haha! it was actually what you said about how a few years ago you were completly against anything yellow gold and I was the same way! I started to even dislike my silver Movado because it had 2 gold bands running through the silver! But I still don't wear any solid gold jewelry but I do like gold harware on Chanel and LV bags. I just sold my Vuitton Manhattan PM which is like covered in gold hardware but its def a diff look then the Chanel. I think the gold looks really good on you in your pics! from what I can tell you in your pics you have a little bit of an ecletic style(sorry if im so the gold really works with that ecceltic vintage vibe. I am really classic and causal, I wear a lot of T's and Juicy...I have yet to enter the work world but once I do my style will def become more sophisticated. For some reason I think I just like the gold on the gst more then on the jumbo, I think because the jumbo is SUCH a classic bag even more so then the tote. I know the gold is classic but i am worried in a few years I will want everything all silver I am such an indesisive person with bags!but it is my first Chanel!
  4. Let me know what you think when you look at the silver Starbrite! I don't live near any Chanel retailers but you are def right about what you said about not getting a good feel for the bag in the store, I need to see it at home to for some reason...
  5. Starbrite, No, you looked soo good in yours. Don't switch it! Don't fall for the pressure ;)
  6. Lol
  7. I like the gold hw on medium/large flap, but for the jumbos, I'd go with silver hw:heart::heart:.
  8. Love the silver!!!
  9. Chanel-girl, it sounds like silver is your preferred metal choice so I'd go for a jumbo with silver h/w. In the future you may want a medium flap with g/w.

    For some reason I see silver as contemporary, modern chic while gold is classic but so much depends on the skin tone of the wearer. I bet you look great with the David Yurman jewelry! Love his stuff but am not a fan of silver.
  10. Haha yeah well here is the deal with my style. I absolutely love the vintage look. I love flea markets and I buy babydoll shirts and wear lots of gold jewelry. But then I also wear a rock style with lots of band tees and big silver hoop earrings and motorcycle boots ect. ect. And that is wear my silver jewerly comes in. I do wear a lot of two tones. As I mentioned to you once before I think, I have a two toned John Hardy ring and I wear a vintage 1970's two toned Rolex a lot. So my style is really both. They were sold out of the silver hw at Neimans the other day after having a ton last week so hopefully Saks has em. Makes me think it's more popular. This too is my very first Chanel and I am extremely worried that when gold goes out again which we know it will, that bag will sit in my closet for years. Silver did go out too for awhile there, but I still think you could get away with silver even if it's not totally in at the time. With gold, no way. I'll see at the store and I'll keep you and everyone posted. But like some people on here said. Both are beautiful and you can't really go wrong with either choice.
  11. Seems like from your post you prefer the silver, so I would recommend that one, but neither will never go out of style.
  12. Ok I think its going to be silver then! Thanks everyone
  13. good decision! just "tried this on" in the store today, and it's a beauty!
    don't forget to post some pics!
  14. Silver! I think I want one tooooooooooo! uh oh. :shame: