So, the Cerf bag is more a professional bag right? and GST is Versitile?

  1. Looks like I w/be getting the GST as my first Chanel. But I just wanted to make sure...that the Cerf bag is more like for work, and gives that professional look...whereas...the GST...I can take it to work, and also to dress up my outfits right?
    Oh! I also wanted to know...It is easy to get my things out of the bag too right?
    And just in case one day when I do buy the Cerf bag...its easy to get things out of that bag too right?

    Thank you!!:tup:
  2. I personally disagree ... I use my Cerf for every day myself ... work, shopping, whatever. I have two and they have gotten kind of slouchy from use so not quite as structured as when I first got them and I love then this way!

    Oh, I do have a Chanel Kelly I use for going out to nice dinners and when I want a smaller bag also
  3. I can see why one would associate the Cerf w/ professional compared to the GST:yes:
    The Cerf is very understated, the GST is dressier w/ the hardware IMO so could go into night easier.
    JMO ;)
  4. Hi Swanky Mama Of Three...
    That was what I was thinking too...which means I can get more use on the GST huh?

    Thank you!
  5. It depends on YOUR style.
    I think most people would carry the Cerf, even in the evening, it's just a little more plain/conservative/understated.
    I like understated, but it's not the right bag for ME.
    I like the chains on the GST and the shape of it better.
  6. What's your lifestyle like?

    Are you mostly in the office? And do you end up at a lot of evening work-related functions? Do you change before going out for the evening? I generally don't carry my GST to work because I prefer not to carry designer handbags with logos to my office. But if I had a Cerf I would carry it because it's discreet. If you work a lot, don't really change before going out for a business dinner or drinks with colleagues, I'd go for the Cerf.

    If you don't spend a lot of time working and going to work-related functions, I would get the GST assuming that's the only other bag you're interested in. Personally, it's not a bag I would carry in the evening. Chicago ladies tend to carry small bags to dinner, cocktail parties, etc. I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying my GST while wearing a little cocktail dress in a room full of girls with Lieber minaudieres. That's what I have a lambskin classic flap for. I think a good alternative bag that could go from day-to-night is a medium classic flap, or a jumbo classic flap. Both would fit in well in the evening but wouldn't look amiss just shopping on a Saturday afternoon, either.

    But again, totally depends on your lifestyle.
  7. I completely disagree with your assertion that the GST is more versatile, while the cerf is more professional. I think the cerf is so functional and versatile, and works well with a lot of different outfits. It can go from work to lunch to shopping. Either way, like I said in the last thread, neither works for the evening, imo. The GST and Cerf are both too large. However, if I was going to a more casual dinner, I would definitely take my cerf tote.

    It really boils down to your personal preference. Check both bags out and see how you feel about them.
  8. Hi IntlSet...

    I just work in the office...then go home. If I am going to w/be during the weekends. I don't go to business functions or anything like that. The restaurants I go to...its more like from Steak Houses to CoCo's the most Casual.
    I like to have a bag that most celebs uses.

    Thank you!!!
  9. You really seem to be on the fence between the two bags. I started out my Chanel binge this fall with a GST. I wanted a Cerf, but decided a bordeaux GST would be more special because of the color. Then, I got a beige Medallion tote. I still wanted a Cerf but it couldn't be purchased at the store when I wanted it, so I got the tote. Last week I wanted a large Mlle tote in lamb. It was on sale at NM, but then looked at the Cerf and said "I WANT MY CERF" and got it. There was a slight price difference between the sale bag and the Cerf, but it seemed more practical. I say, go for whichever bag suits you.The GST can be heavy and is difficult to carry on your shoulder. Some people complain because it can get soft and begins to mold to its contents and your body. I kind of like that. The Cerf comes with a removable insert that zips. The GST has a permanent pocket in the center that zips. Both bags are secure, but the Cerf has a small flap with a snap. I really think they are both similar in function, but totally different in appearance. If you are like to be subtle about your belongings, go with the Cerf. That's what attracted me to it in the first place. It's very plain, but unmistakably classy. The GST doesn't exactly "scream" Chanel, but it is a little more "in your face." Again -- if you want a shoulder bag, the GST may not work out for you. The cerf has an optional shoulder strap that is pretty useful. It attaches almost invisibly to the hand straps. It is well-balanced and doesn't hurt or fall off your shoulder like the GST can. In the end, it is just your preference. I'll bet you end up with both some day! I can't wait to find out which bag you get.
    -- Judy
  10. I think both the Cerf and GST are versatile to be work and everyday wear. The Cerf is a bit more subtle than the GST. Both are beautiful bags. It just depends on which one you want more. Have you tried them out at a boutique? Trying them out might help you a bit with your decision. Good luck and enjoy whichever one you decide to purchase.
  11. I personally hate to use large bags to go out at night and for dinner, they're just too in the way so for me neither of those would work for everything....... I say go with the tote that you love the look/style of the best as I think the function of both styles would be similar.
  12. Yep...I've tried them both!! And guess what?? I've Loved them both too!!! AAAHHH!!! Decisions Decisions!!! I'd probably go for the GST, because the price w/go up on that one soon.
  13. Please post pics when you get it :smile:
  14. They have to completely different looks, to me at least. The cerf does not have all the clinking chain that the GST has, so in that way, its a bit more conservative/quiet. For function and use, hard to say. The cerf did hold the type of things I needed it to hold (be used as an office bag), which was one of the reasons I sent it back. The GST is a bit better (straps are longer- don't use it as a shoulder back) but it's too much metal for me for office use.

    It really comes down, I suppose, to the type of office you work in, your own personal style and what function you want the bag to have. I don't see either as an evening out bag though. At least, not for me.
  15. Hi Balto Bag Lady!!

    Oh.....Thank you for your advice. Yep...I love the Cerf for the functions and the GST for the way it looks...I love the way the Cerf looks too...but I kinda like the GST because of the Gold Chain...but exactly...I don't like the way the chain that may keep falling off my shoulder. But...somehow...I love the CC showing.
    And yes...I really want the 2nd one someday too!! If I can buy 2...I'll buy them all at once...but hubby won't go for it.