so the bag i ordered during saks egc event it here.....

  1. i opened it and they sent me the wrong bag! *sigh* i'm a bit upset......
    i originally ordered the medallion tote on bordeaux and a bordeaux gst came.......
    why me?!
  2. Oohhhh my mom wants a Bordeaux GST and we can't find one anymore!!!! Is it in good condition? Can I order it when you return it!?!?

    I'm sorry they sent you the wrong one though. I have the black Medallion and the Bordeaux one is gorgeous!!!
  3. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's terribly annoying. Do you have a store near you to exchange??
  4. i probably have to drive to Denver, but they did not include a receipt in the box or anything.......
  5. starbrite- it's in good condition. the box is a bit tore up though
  6. Sorry about the mix up. The prior EGC event they sent me an incorrect wallet.
    Some Saks stores send out the receipt separately with the EGC. Hope you get the bag that you want.
  7. i got the gift card already earlier today but no receipt inside either....i guess i have to call the sa tomorrow.....=(
  8. I saw one in Saks Polaris - Columbus, OH last Saturday.
  9. Total Bummer...but sounds like you have helped another tpf'er locate a bag she was looking for - so that is nice.:yes:

  10. Sorry this happened to you. They are probably sending your receipt and the EGC card separately. I saw a Bordeaux Medallion in Saks Beachwood, OH on EGC day. Ask for Linni, she is very helpful.
  11. How annoying!!!
  12. That would TOTALLY ANNOY me......!!!UGH!
  13. Hope they make it up for you soon:yes: !Call them right away and keep us posted!
    BTW did you get a kind of receipt/ invoice copy from the courier that delivered it ( I mean the copy we sign and keep whenever we receive something) which indicates the store that sent it to you? That can be a proof as well (together with the charge on your cc card account)if you won't get the product's receipt eventually!;)
  14. I feel your frustration.....hang in there!
  15. thanks for everyone's kind words and support. So talked to Donna just now, and she was very sweet. She told me to send the bag back and she'll locate a medallion one for me.