So the agenda refills are now for free?!

  1. It's the 1st October, i read that the agenda refills are now for free. In every LV shop? If yes, I'll go on Wednesday...
  2. I did not hear this, can I ask where you heard this?
  3. I bought one two weeks ago and it was not free.
  4. I thought you were talking about 2008.
  5. oh, for 2007. yes, if the store has some left they'll give them away for free. but you have to pay for the ones for 2008.
  6. No no:smile: they give the 2007 refills away because they have the 2008 now.
    I bought an agenda in September and my SA told me that they would give the old ones away in October.
  7. Maybe go and try another SA?

    I bought my mini agenda in September, too, and when I asked nicely whether they could throw in the 2007 agenda refill for free, the SA checked with the manager and said they would do so if I bought the 2008 refill at that time.

    This was at the Ala Moana LV in Hawaii...
  8. Congrats on your new agenda!
  9. In late Sept i went in to buy an agenda and first the SA said I could have 2007 for free, then turned around and said it wouldn't be free. I walked out...

    Next day I went back into that very same LV, different SA, bought the agenda and got the 2007 for free.

    So I guess it depends on who you get and on what day you get them.
  10. :yes:
  11. why would you want an 07 so late in the year anyways??
  12. yeah?
  13. Ya their free, I bought my amarante agenda about 2 or 3 weeks ago and got 2007 refills thrown in for free.
  14. If you just buy a new agenda, you won't have refills for the rest of the year so that's one reason.