so the 800chanel # told me to give up on trying to find my dream bag..

  1. "its impossible to find one since it was extremely popular". So I guess I have to try and move on from the only bag I've ever truly wanted. :crybaby: But I still would like a chanel, but something fun. The flaps will always be there, I know one of these days I'll get a nice little red lambskin east west and a black classic flap, but before that I was hoping for a non leather flap? Something fabric/canvas? Any suggestions? So bummed.. :sad:
  2. I'm sorry for you :sad:
    Which bag were you looking for ???
  3. What is your dream bag?
  4. I have personally had bad experiences with the chanel 800 #. monthes back when I wanted the pny expandable flap, they basically said give up completely sold out. Then after calling NM a day later, I found it. The 800 mainly knows what the boutiques have and only what the dept stores ordered not what they have in stock. Out of the 5 or 6 times I've called, only one operator even offered to tell me what the dept stores ordered, the others just said whatever bag I was looking for wasn't available. So depends on which bag you want, but I'd keep looking.
  5. it's okay Aarti! I definitely know how you feel; they've told me that two or three times now (well, more because i keep thinking another assistant will tell me something different) whenever i ask about the pink flap with the heart chain, from the valentine's edition and whenever i ask about the white tweed. But you know what, i'd still like to think "never say never!!!!"

    Let us know what bag it is that you are looking for, bc maybe one of us can help you out and track one down!
  6. I wouldnt give up because some idiot on the other end of the phone tells you to! I ended up finding a Khaki Cabas last week that I never thought I would find, and my PF friend nanaz found her Black Cabas (the bigger one) last week too. We both never thought we would find one off eBay.
  7. the 1800 number can only check for chanel boutique's stocks, which makes sense. try to find your dream bag from department store. you prob will have better luck.
  8. let us all know what your dream bag is, and we will try to help you find it !
  9. It was the chanel valentine hobo, when it first came out last year, but I just couldn't swing that much then. Now I'm in a more established point in my life and would have loved it to be my first chanel. I saw the flap on eBay, but thats only 6 inches wide, I wouldn't mind that but in a bigger size.
  10. I would love to see a pic of the hobo. I for some reason missed the V-Day Chanels last year ???? :sad:

    Don't give up there has to be one out there somewhere that is for sale.
  11. [​IMG]

    is this the bag you were looking for??? I seen some from this line on sale at checking there!!!
  12. :wtf: THEY HAD THEM ON BLUEFLY?!?!??!???!?!

    maybe I'm not meant to have this bag..
  13. you know that actually pisses me off, how could they have such a popular LE edition bag on that? Or maybe and more realistically, I'm more pissed that I didn't benefit from it lol.
  14. I don't remember if the bag was on bluefly, but I know the shoes are. If the bag was on bluefly that pissess me off since I have it and it was supposed to be LE!!!
  15. I remember your bag! I love it! If I had listened to you months prior about calling for one I would have had one already! LOL I can't believe I wouldn't drop 525 for the bag, and now I'd drop twice the amount for the same one. How people have changed.. as well as bank statements.. LOL.