So, that's what all the Barenia-hype is about........!

  1. ...I never quite understood, but now it looks like it caught me at last...

    So last week H called to let me know about their latest shipment from Paris and asking if there was
    anything in particular I might be interested in & it turned out I was, but didn't feel very well the past
    week, so unfortunately wasn't able to go and stop by at the boutique...

    My SA kindly offered to just have a selection of things shipped to my house for further inspection
    and I gladly agreed (...innerly going like this: :yahoo::wlae::choochoo:) and so an enormous orange box
    rang my doorbell this morning.

    what I am definitely keeping from what he sent me, is this casquette, which I find just perfect for
    summer and I also like the detail of the Barenia naturelle (which they now call Fauve) piping:


    And then there's this thing:
    An Evelyne 2TGM in Toile-H and fauve Barenia, that is like made to match the casquette, but here is
    where I need to hear of a little experience, please...


    I know it's special to find (...or to be offered in my case) such a huge piece of Barenia, and also
    it's like destiny, because I am going to start studying in August and am currently looking for sth that
    will hold my daily essentials, like binders, laptop and such. For that purpose it seems to be quite
    a decent choice, since it's really that big, I could even jump in to have a cozy nap in it between
    classes :amuse:.


    I also like how it looks worn by myself, but would appreciate any further toughts on wear and
    tear and whatever comes to your mind, when you think of Barenia and everyday usage, please...

    A different H store BTW has a graphite Clemence Evelyne TGM for me, which might work as well,
    but I am off to see and feel that one this afternoon, so I can't really say much about it yet.

    Thanks everyone in advance! :flowers:
  2. Tenshi, i think it looks absolutely fab on you:heart: sadly i cant help you with the wear and tear as i dont own one., but im sure you will get lots of help and advice.
    How lucky are you??? the store sending you a selection for your perusal at home!!!:yahoo:
  3. Love the casquette and the Evelyne! Barenia/toile looks fabulous on you!
  4. It's beautiful but I think the clemence is better for school. Toile is too delicate IMO. I have a TGM too, and I love it.
  5. That looks amazing on you.
  6. What an absolutely gorgeous piece! It looks fabulous on you!

    I have a very special place in my :heart: for barenia and every time a see a barenia piece it sends me over the moon!

    As for care, I am sure these are things you already know but just make sure that any part that is in constant contact with your hands is kept as clean as possible. Even the slightest oils (from lotions, etc) will darken them very quickly. You can see from the photo below what I mean.


    But, that being said, do NOT be afraid to rub out any scratches! That (and of course the wondrous aroma) is one of the best things about barenia!

    And best of all, enjoy your beautiful, new piece! CONGRATS!!!
  7. Wow.. I never knew that guys could carry off the Evelyne so well. What size is it? And if it's ok, can I ask how much it costs?
  8. Looks perfect, Tenshi! Congrats!!
  9. Tenshi, looks great--
    I too am a big fan of Barenia. Love the smell, the feel, the patina....
  10. Tenshi that looks great on you :yahoo:

    What a gorgeous piece. I haven't been a fan of that bag but seeing on you is giving me a different view on it.
  11. OMG! It's gorgeous. Tenshi, barenia is the original saddle leather. If it can handle that type of wear and tear, it's not that delicate then. But it will darken, like AuthenticLux says. The toile will get dirty, but it Hermes does a great job cleaning it.
  12. Looks great, Tenshi! Can you get the barenia/toile for spring/summer and the graphite for fall/winter? It does look like the perfect tote for school....

    Congratulations, it's gorgeous! And gorgeous on you. :yes:
  13. tenshi it looks like a great summer bag. toile makes me nervous. if you have the stomach for it, then why not.
    but i passed a boutique window this weekend and a male mannequin was posing with a large evelyne and i thought, yup, if i were a guy i would definitely definitely carry one of those. i would probably go for a vibrant color though, like green or orange (and then dress is cool shades of grey, dark navy and black), oh i'd probably need one in gris touretelle too...:love:
  14. wow! i LOVE that hat!! i think the bag looks great on you but i think the graphite would be a better choice for what you need. won't get as dirty and it's a more sophistictaed look (just saw graphite this weekend and LOVING it) or, if you can find it, just barenia. that i think would be incredible.
  15. agh, tough call.....the toile/barenia is so much more striking, though....and hey, there's a reason we buy H: so that the craftsmen can revive something if we injure it.

    from all i've heard, toile is not as delicate as we are afraid of it being. yes, it's fabric, it's going to get dirty...but i'm guessing you're pretty careful with your H pieces. i think you'll be fine :smile: