Lovely bag, Ladystara!!!! EMail Rachael and ask for more pics (inside) just so you know the condition in case you want to purchase it. If it's in great condition and you love it, I'd go for it. The price is very good.......
GK......That's what I'm thinking too....she needs to see the inside, for sure....F in a circle, 1976.

I'm thinking some cracking to the leather which you can't fix. I have a bag from the 1970's but I can tell you it was stored in a time capsule and never worn. Somehow, I don't that is true for this one. It is just too good to be true esp. since there are usually pretty good mark ups on this site. She has some other vintage bags that have been there for years and are almost the same price and they are styles that are never seen. A Kelly is going to demand more just because it is a Kelly...

Mom, we are a pair of suspicious old ladies:nuts:
Stunning Kelly, but I suspect there is something wrong with it. That's stinks because she claims it's perfect! We need to investigate this one!
ROuge H in box with some patina is AMAZING!