So tempted to get this for my toddler for the holidays:

  1. I kind of feel bad for my little boy. He has basically gotten ALLLLL hand-me-down toys from his big brother, but my older son was really into building things, and my younger one is more into pretend play. He is beginning to get into trains and trucks and putting people in cars, etc.

    When we hung out at Pottery Barn Kids last week they had a GREAT firehouse and he was playing with it nonstop. So, now I'm tempted to get it, but... will he play with it?

    I remember kind of succumbing to the wooden train craze when my older son was 3 and we got him a train table and TONS of track and bigger pieces and while he ALWAYS played with it at the store, he NEVER played with it at home. We are just setting that up now for my younger, though this time we have a smaller table that I put on rollers that can slide under the craft table to get out of the way! PLUS, I'm gluing the pieces down. I'll leave a ton of other pieces for when he wants to build his own too.

    I just don't know what to get my 2.5 year old for Christmas! We got him alphabet and number toys last year and he already knows numbers past 20 and learned the alphabet upper and lwer case (on his own) by the time he was 17 months, but he's not ready for games like Memory and reading things meant for preschoolers. Plus, I don't want HUGE toys as space is always an issue!

    ACK!!! Must resist temptation!