So tempted to cross my purse ban..

  1. I have been good...havent bought any purse since February but I am close to my limit now.
    I usually dont look at used stuffs but I am desperate to buy old favorites.

    Does anyone know the name of the bag in called monogram mini ltd shoulder bag? I am sure there is a better style name for that? And let-trade did not say anything about measurement. Is it a good size everyday bag? I have my wallet, my phone, ipod and Prada nylon cosmetic bag. Will all of them fit in this bag? Thanks lots for your help.
  2. hey there! I think you're referring to the Trapèze... dunno if you want the PM or GM, but recently Karman got the PM, you may wanna PM her;) Hmm.. that's a lotta "PMs" lol