So tempted by Saks sale Be&D Garbo

  1. Are these bags horrible? I've always been drawn to them but not for the price. They're marked down to $483 for the gold one (which is slightly bigger) and $389 for the cognac one. Plus there is the 10% code. The leather on the cognac looks much nicer than the gold but the studs are SO blingy! What do you guys think? Are they :yucky: ?

    Sale goggles!!!!!!!! :wacko:

    Oh, the gold one is sold out but they have the purple and here is the cognac.
  2. I've always heard that Be&D leather is quite yummy, but I don't own one. What worries me about this bag is that it looks really trendy, and for $400 you can get yourself a more classic bag that won't look as dated next year. It is a bargain though!
  3. True, the bag is so trendy but I do gravitate towards non classic stuff! Maybe I should wait to see if it makes the next markdown. The leather does look really soft.

  4. That bag is very cute IRL...I had it in my hand at Saks, but decided to not get...still seemed a bit much for a b&d, but then again I haven't purchased any b&d. I think I'm going to wait and see if Saks has one last mark down, which an SA told me may happen one last time before these items are sent to outlets.
  5. That bag IRL is very nice. The leather is amazing, soft, buttery! It has a lot of bling, but if that's what you're drawn to ......... go for it!
  6. The bag is just not my kind of bag, but then there's always different tastes for everyone !
  7. Hi Diva, was it this exact bag that you saw? Was the leather fabulous? I know the gold bag is less blingy as the studs are more of a bronze, but the leather looks heavier and more stiff.

    In doing a google search last night, I saw where the bag was previously marked down to $200-something! I'll try to find where I found that. I believe it was a post on this site!
  8. Here is another pic of the leather looking quite nice.

    I did a search on the board and a yay or nay post for this bag got 100% nays!
  9. The leather is very nice on these bags. I have one in pink with coral trim and it's buttery soft. I'd probably take a chance for another markdown, but I do think they are nice handbags.
  10. I have a Be&D "Crawford Cruise" and I love it - It is amazing: soft leather and incredible craftmanship - I paid full price for my bag which was $950+ - This is an extraordinary bargain if you want to own the bag!!!!!!!! I say, get it!!
  11. The leather on Be&D bags is gorgeous. I have a purple leather clutch and a blue velvet garbo, both of which I LOVE. The Garbo has to be my favorite bag to use for NYC fall nights. I get tons of complements each time I use either one, and rarely see others like them. It's very much my style though, a bit conservative on dress with bolder accessories. Be&D is continuing the Garbo and stud look this fall and probably for some time, so you'll be able to use it for a while.

    If you really love it, go for it. If you are still questioning it, then move away from the walk away......
  12. I'm not one for "blingy" bags, but I have looked a bit online and it's definitely a good price.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'm really leaning toward it. I'd go for it but can't help thinking it will be marked down more.

    I wish the cognac had contrasting handles, I think that really helps make the bag. But the leather looks soooooooooooo soft!

    I have a feeling I'll snap and get it. I can always return it, right?

    CS06, they had a clutch on sale but it disappeared right after I decided to get it!
  14. The leather is yummy! KathyD has at least of them.
  15. Glimmer - I saw that clutch on Saks as well today. Keep checking, esp. Neiman Marcus this weekend. I've seen Be&D clutches on there for 75% off (like $125)! Be aware that it doesn't hold all that much, however, since it has to fold completely over, then snap. Good luck! -- Carolyn