so tell me about the large paris-bombay (please) . . . .

  1. hello darlings!! i've been MIA lately in one of my working-like-crazy spells . . . which means i get to reward myself with a present!

    sooo . . . i'm thinking about the large paris-bombay. what do you like and not like about it? what leathers does it come in? and how much stuff can you fit into it?

  2. Well..........ok. This is not my favorite Hermes design BUT that's mostly because I am not an East/West girl. I think this bag is too LONG in the large size. It'll open wide and you can store a whole bunch of stuff inside but to me, it just looks too out of proportion when it gets to that big size. Looks too much like a torpedo.........
  3. Good for travel, esp if in epsom - a great stylish weekend bag. But otherwise, I'm with shopmom, not a fan of the shape. There's also the same problem one has with the JPG of bumping into everyone and everything. Potentially worse than a bull in a china shop.
  4. Anyone have pics????
  5. I think the GM is just too large for the feminine nature of the bag. The pm is precious and I'd seriously look into the new mm model!
  6. interesting that you say that, because i'm thinking of it as an alternative to the JPG birkin -- i had been toying with the idea of that bag for some time but ultimately decided against it because of all the comments about how heavy it is.

    to me the shape has a mid-20th century futuristic feel - a' la the jetsons - that i find very appealing.

    but i don't usable the bag is -- is it heavy? easy or hard to get into and out of? i've heard the small one is not that user friendly, but maybe that's different in the large size? :confused1:

    anyway, thanks all -- keep it coming!
  7. :yes: It's large!!!! Really long. But on the up side you could fit a LOT in there! :graucho:
  8. I tried one on in epsom and didn't find it that heavy, and being able to carry it on the shoulder is a plus. Another advantage it has over the JPG is the closure and the capacity. The double zips are great, compared to the JPG which has the same awkward closure as the regular birkin (if I had a JPG, it would always be open). The PB GM also holds a LOT. I love the doctor's bag style. When open, you can see how amazingly capacious it is.
  9. ......torpedo, E.......thing is, I'm not sure you can fit it on your shoulder? Anyone know?
  10. I saw one at the Charlotte H boutique. It was an interesting bag... might be a fun one to have for variety. My friend who was with me was wild for it.
  11. Oops, posted at the same time as Gina! So, you CAN put it on the shoulder.......that's a plus!
  12. I have to agree with D, I'm not a fan of this shape; I've seen it in Epsom and Box, I think it also comes in VL....I think it's probably lighter than the JPG Birkin, but I could be wrong....
  13. ..........and why oh why does this bag make me think of those torpedo bra's from the '50's? :shrugs:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. told ya -- mid-20th century futuristic