So tell me about the Illovo pm?

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  1. Can it be used as everyday bag or is it too small?
  2. I don't know the answer to that but there is a photo of [N]-[J][O][Y] wearing her new one and it looks real cute on her.
  3. The pm is pretty small. It would work if you don't carry much. I have found that the MM is a more functional everyday bag.
  4. CK21--do you have a picture of yourself with the MM? I am only 5'4 and some of the posts here said the MM was rather large. Wondering if the size would be too big for me.
  5. Dcooney4--how are you liking your Papillion?
  6. I have one, and I love it! It is pretty small though. I'm 5'4" also, 105 pounds and all over small, and it tucks under my arm really well. I have never tried the MM on. In my Illovo I can fit a Razor cell, small wallet, lip gloss, and a small agenda if I angle it just right. But I love it, and it's perfect if you don't want to schlep tons of stuff with you.
  7. Hmm thanks. I'm thinking maybe not a great bag for me for everyday as I might need something a little bigger. But it is rather cute!
  8. I won't be able to do a pic until this weekend. Have you ever seen or tried a coach shoulder tote? The Illovo MM reminds me of that--similar style with the single handle, but the illova has a zipper. The illovo is bit smaller than the coach.
    I am a bit smaller than you--only 5-2, and I don't consider the illovo to be a large bag.
    I wonder if the MM is discontinued? I was looking for measurements and it is not on elux or
  9. I find it to small.
  10. ive seen it, and it looks kind of small, but it depends on how much you carry everyday.
  11. Wow. Designing style showed a lot of stuff that can fit in the bag.

    I am also wondering whether they still have the MM since I don't see it on e lux or the vuitton site. I may give 866 or the store a call to see.
  12. I love my Papillon 30. Sorry I read it wrong earlier. Let us know what you decide on .Good Luck.