So...tell me about the Denim Mini Pleaty.

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  1. Owners and non-owners :yes:
    Durability, style, capacity, colours...anything! Raves, rants, let me hear your opinions on this bag!
  2. Don't have it, but think it would be such a cute addition to your collection.
    Sorry if I'm an enabler....:graucho:
    I have considered it myself though as an entrance into denim. I'm on the fence and thought maybe try out something smaller and see how I feel...
  3. A friend of a friend of mine has the pink one and it's cuter than I initially thought, but also smaller than I thought or would like.

    I'm a bigger fan of the regular pleaty though! Looks great! My roommate has it and it's so cute, like a dumpling, and a good size.
  4. I like it too.. let's hear more about it!!
  5. I really wanted the mini pleaty at one point...but now I just lost interest. I still love LV denim, but for the price it is right now (and probably will go higher), I'm not going to pay that much for denim. I really like the blue! I think the other colors are cute, too, but they seem to remind me of the 80s-90s when people still wore colored jeans...

    Also, the denim line is too trendy for me. I want a bag I can like for a long time!
  6. I agree bernz84 I really do love the denim line especially the regular pleaty wow :love: ...its on my wishlist but i will only but it used and at a good price ! its too trendy and expensive...come on its jeans!
  7. Well I have the blue mini pleaty and I think it's great!
    You can put in more than twice as much as a pochette, it has a unique, beautiful shape, the strap is a great length (not like the pochette's), no need for an extender, it's lightweight, practical, I could go on LOL!
  8. I have the mini pleaty in pink and green. I bought them because they look so cute, but I haven't used them yet. they are much bigger than a pochette though.
  9. I have the denim mini pleaty. It looks really cute with jeans. Yes it is small but still large enough to fit my stuff. (wallet, phone, keys, lipgloss, etc.)

    I debated selling it but then I see it with jeans and it looks so cute!
  10. I have blue and pink. DH just discovered that there is a green one and said, "shoot I will have to get you the green one too". :smile:
    Pros: I personally think they are cute. Hold a lot - cell phone, wallet, camera, make up, keys... Strap is long enough to throw over your shoulder without any hesitation.
    Light as heck. Hard to copy.
    Cons: Casual look (though I wore them to work all Spring & Summer). Have to plan around the purse, especially the pink one. No cute accessories to match.
  11. I love it cause it IS trendy, but hard to spend on the denim, but still want it. I think the fuschia is TDF and have almost taken the not so rational thought out plunge. It's very very cute. I'd get the regular if I was going that route and not the mini though.. never seen it IRL...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

  12. Sound fabulous, lucky girl, nice husband too. I think I'd love one if I had it... the green is awesome too!
  13. I don't have it but saw it once IRL on a woman and it's a gorgeous bag, totally love it!!! :biggrin:
  14. It is super cute...would love one but, for denim it is $$$$$ is a gorgeous bag and if $$$ were no object I would have probably gotten one by now...if you love it and you will use it plenty and can afford it I say go for it....good your mirroir pouchette btw it looks super nice on you...very elegant and evening!!!!
  15. Thanks ladies! I'm adding this bag to my to buy list now! :nuts: I probably will get the blue one...will go with anything casual, IMO, but the pink and green ones must be a little difficult to match.