So tell me about the Cabas Piano..

  1. I saw a lady with one at the store yesterday and fell in love! I love the size and shape of it and I want a shoulder bag. The only thing holding me back is the leather bottom. Is it possible to keep it somewhat clean? What can I treat it with? Does anyone here have it and love it? I would love some opinions.;)
  2. I don't have the cabas piano but I have the monstouris packpack with the leather bottom and it is so hard to keep it clean. I have water stains on it that look ugly and I really wonder if they are ever going to blend in as it gets darker. I really love the cabas piano and wanted to get one except the bottom was a big deterrent for me. That's just my opinion.
  3. the bottom of my cabas mezzo is horribly stained. :sad: but then again i treat it like crap because i use it for everything- shopping, school, work, etc.

    but it's a great bag. Very sturdy.
  4. I bought my cabas piano used, so it already had a nice patina to it. I beat the crap out of mine, and it still looks great and I always get compliments on it. It's a great everyday bag :yes:
  5. I have a Cabas Mezzo and so far the bottom looks great. I am really careful where I set it down though.
  6. i have had the Piano for awhile and the bottom is not too stained. I am careful not to put it on the floor.

    I like the Piano so much that I have Special ordered a Mezzo in Damier. Special ordering the Piano in damier is an option if you are concerned about the bottom...
  7. I have a cabas piano and while I'm pretty careful about the bottom, it's pretty wrecked, for me at least :crybaby:. It's freaking IMPOSSIBLE to keep the bottom clean, and yes, I did Apple garde it (a few times, actually). Every time I put it down there's a new mark there. Now all 4 corners have weird gray scuff looking marks on them - and I condition that baby after EVERY use because I'm so damn paranoid over it! This has unfortunately led me to not carry it. I haven't used it in at least a month because I'm always positive I'm going to further dirty it. I'm thinking it'll be a nice winter bag with a nice peacoat, and I may just say "screw it" and let it to continue to get dirty. :shame:
  8. I prefer Popincourt Haut, actually they're equal in size, and the PH is also easier to keep clean. :yes:
  9. I don't do any monogram canvas bags with solid leather bottoms, just can't deal with the staining....I usually spray the leather trim with a "safe for leather and suede" type of shoe water and stain helps prevent the water stains and uneven darkening.
  10. I have this bag and love it!!
    I bought mine used but in great shape. I just tend to not put it down on the floor, dirty areas.

    You can treat the bag with apple guard but that isnt going to stop it from getting marked up if you set it down in /on dirty areas.
  11. Yea...the leather bottom is always a huge deterrent for me too...I passed on the new Mono lockit this weekend because of it....I'm just so paranoid I'm going to ruin it.
  12. Omg I love it "I beat the crap out of mine" haha.... I love that part! Thats good to know your Cabas Piano is holding up! I sure do love that tote bag... (I prefer it over The Popincourt Haut...).
  13. Isnt it just the perfect bag, I call mine my abuse bag. I love it to death/perfect size and weather isnt an issue when i'm using this bag. I'm so glad i bought it used or I would be freaked out about using it.
  14. I'm currently wanting one real bad, I neeeed a shoulder bag. I've always used bags in that shape, I don't know why I didn't think of it before.
  15. I love it "abuse bag" HAHA... thats a good one too, I should do some demonstration at the store... like maybe throw it across the store..and be like "SEE, YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THAT TOO..."

    I know, that bag is $880.00 and yeah the Mezzo is $990.00 - if I can try up sell a customer from a Piano to the Mezzo, I WILL! haha, but yeah The Cabas Piano is what I think about when I think of "tote bag."

    I really hope they will make those bags in The Damier pattern. I have seen it a few times and it looks great! I saw one, and she said she got it 3years ago...and it was flawless! It turned me on! haha. :roflmfao: