So, tell me about Coach at Dillards!

  1. I have the chance to go to Dillards Monday and was wondering if it's worth the trip. I live in a little Mississippi town with NOTHING but we are going to Jackson. They don't have a Macy's, so no F and F discount for me but they do have a Dillards. Do they have the Carlys there? Do they ever have any Coachs on sale?

    I'm going to the airport to drop my Mother in Law off and won't have much time since the mall is across town but if they have the Carlys I would love to go and see what they look like in person.

  2. My Dillards (in indiana) has a great Coach selection and they always have lots of Carlys. I've never seen anything on sale there, but they just opened a couple of months ago.
  3. There is occasionally Coach on sale at Dillards, but lately I haven't seen any good sales. They have a smaller selection at my Dillards than at the Coach store, by far. I'd stop by if I was already at the mall, but I would'nt make a special trip for it.
  4. I don't have a Coach store either. There is nowhere in my town that sells Coach at all. I might stop by just to look. We are going to New Orleans in a few weeks though and I know they will have tons more.
  5. My Dillards has a fabulous selection of Ergos and Carly's
  6. I say stop and look. My Dillards has a decent selection (more sig than leather IMO, but...) plus they do have a "sale section" of Coach bags too.

    Since you're already there, it won't hurt to look. :yes:
  7. My dillards always has a good selection of the latest handbags but never anything on sale and you can never find anyone to help you.
  8. Our Dillards have good selections and occasionally they discount bags 25%. Right now, they are discounting shoes already marked down an additional 30%. Sometimes the additional 30% also applies to all discounted merchandise in the store, including Coach.
  9. If they have any Coach on clearance, it will be an extra 30% off right now. I checked at my store, they had a great selection of Ergo and Carlys, but nothing on clearance. They did have some Dooneys on sale 25% off with an extra 30% off. Off topic, I did buy my son a Ralph Lauren suit that was 66% off plus the extra 30%. It was only $94. That is the way to purchase suits for a 16 year old who grow 5 inches in a year.
  10. I saw current Coach at Dilliards the last time I went to visit my parents (no local dilliards near where I live) They had a good selection and some sales. The sales associate was very nice.
  11. My Dillards here in TX always has some bags on sale. But lately all they have on sale is keychains no bags. But they do have the new Carlys. I hope you find one where you are. It is so pretty in person.