so tell me a little more about prada

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  1. Today I was browsing my local TK maxx when lo and behold I saw a PRADA!!! Were my eyes deceiving me?! Well it was a tres cute hot pink clutch and it was being offered for £200. I didn't buy it because even though it was lovely, I thought that I would only be buying it for the Prada rather than the clutch.

    Now I am home, I keep thinking about it...I love clutches!!!

    So my question much does a prada clutch normally retail for because £200 means nothing. I have tried to find a similar picture of it but I think it is the same as in this listing, but in pink satin.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    look forward to your opinion.


  2. can you tell me, what tk maxx store is this please
  3. What!?!??! TK maxx? We have TJ Maxx here and I have NEVER seen Prada sold there...eek..this makes me nervous..
  4. i'm not sure about that one specifically, but prada clutches usually retail around $600-700 USD, a bit more if it's super fancy with jewels on it or something.
  5. Yeah the satin clutch is for 695$ and the Nappa ones are for 1295$ Approximate
  6. ha ha, yeah I read somewhere that in the US they have TJ Maxx, I'm guessing it is the same as TK Maxx here. Sometimes they have a few gems, but first time I have seen prada, and it was in perfect condition. There was also a Prada computer bag I saw...its really random because I don't live in London, so I am guessing that they could not sell this in London and so shipped it up to the North.

    PS. It was in the Crystal Peaks, Sheffield branch.

    Well sounds like its a bargain for some prada lover!