So sweet...

  1. Tonight will be my first night back to work after being on strike for 4 weeks (yay!!!!!). boyfriend got me a little "going back to work" gift. He works near Short Hills, so he stopped by there yesterday on his way home and picked this up for me... :heart:
  2. well??????!!!!!! I hate suspense
  3. :smile:
  4. More pics!!! :nuts:
    ...please... :angel:
  5. AN AGENDA!!!!!!!! is it! is it! hmm hmm hmm
  6. :whistle:
  7. :love: I tried this on the day we went on strike at work...and almost bought it because I was starting to feel depressed, but he stopped me from buying it because I wouldn't be working...
  8. This is torture!!!:hysteric: :lol:
  9. That is SO SWEET!!!:nuts: :love:
  10. Vernis Noisette tripple wrap bracelet... cat wanted to be in the picture...
    DSC05941.JPG DSC05942.JPG
  11. Aaaaw, congrats!
  12. Nice!!!:love:
  13. I love that - congrats - its beautiful! Does anyone know how much these cost?
  14. If i remember correctly, it was $285 when I tried it on last month...
  15. Very pretty! What a sweet bf.