so surprised!Potty training?

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  1. Im sooo STUNNED!
    My little guy is turning TWO in a couple weeks and all week,he is going #1 aND #2 in his potty!
    I cant beleive how quickly he is adapting from diaper to potty!!!
    lets cross our fingers and hope he stays potty trained!LOL!
    I heard boys take longer so i wasnt expecting it this soon!WOOHOO!:yahoo:
  2. yay!! way to go!! :biggrin:

    there may be accidents from time to time, but that is excellent for such a young lil guy!!
  3. i'm jealous :P my dd turning 2 soon too but whenever we ask her to use potty she'll say noooo
  4. I'm so jealous!! My son is 2 1/2 and has issues with the potty. I've tried everything to get him used to it, but he has issues with it. So upsetting!!
  5. Jill, how did you start him? I am dying to know... I have a one year old and I can't wait!! :smile:
  6. That's awesome! We had a heck of a time potty training our boy, so consider yourself lucky!
  7. We have a potty chair in all bathrooms for him.He was fascinated with the potty .He is extremely strong minded and wants to be a BIG he wants to get rid of diapers and wear big boy pants!
    we make a HUGE deal of when he goes potty...we cheer and he loves it.We also have a toy surprise bag in the bathroom.So if he goes #2,he gets a present..LOL
    He started using the potty at 15 months,shockingly.but this week is the first week he did #2 as far,so good!Im so excited because he JUST started talking too(i was super worried as he wasnt talking yet....).Its been an amazing month of firsts!and so much fun to watch him grow up!
  8. Congrats, Jill! That is so great. I will get a potty chair immediately then... my lil' man turned one last week but I would love to start talking about it now.

    So glad he is talking too!! What a great week!!
  9. ^Another thing i did..I took him to target to get BIG BOY underpants.he found them in all his fave characters..he loved picking them out! helps if daddy takes him to the potty every time he goes so he can watch how to do it..LOL.
  10. My son goes tells me he poops and he points to his diapers. I am going to start him soon. But we are moving to the East coast in maybe 30 to 45 days... Guess I can do it when we get settled..
  11. I am so ready to STOP changing diapers!! Congrats to you and your little man! That is awesome!
  12. That is fantastic that he is such a quick study! My boys were both over 3 by the time they figured things out!
  13. My son is 2 1/2 too and I am having the same issues. I keep at it though :smile:
  14. My daughter was potty trained before she turned two. I heard boys are harder to potty train than girls especially with how they should do it(you know, sitting or standing up). Anyhow, the trick for me was just sitting her down every hour on the potty chair and have her count to 20. (at that time, i counted for her) if at 20 she doesn't have to do it, she can get up. it still works for me now and she is almost three, i do it with her when we have to go somewhere and she tells me she does not need to go. Also, during that first two weeks, i bribed her to sit down by giving her 1 gummy bear for #1 and 2 gummies for #2. I hope that helps for some moms who are in the process! It sure was such a relief not having to change diapers!:tup:
  15. ^ thanks for sharing the counting down tip :yes:. i definitely need to get to work at potty training dd