So stupid!!

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  1. I must have gotten some stains on my what did I do??? I tossed it in the washer then the dryer. Now it looks like a dead rat. It has no body at feels like mush. Is there a fix for it?

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  2. Oh dear !!! is the bag mainly made out of nylon ? I dont think at this point you could do anything more to it.

    Im really sorry !
  3. OMG! NEVER.....I REPEAT ....NEVER wash your bag in the washer!!!!EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! Sorry-It was too painful for me to see!
    STUFF IT fast.... take it your dry cleaner who specializes in nice things and see if they can do anything for it...Good luck-I hope it survives!
  4. :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: :amazed:

    Are you serious~~~ THE WASHER! THE DRYER!
    I can't believe this!
    Washer- please say it was deliacates at least- but why the dryer? It's smoldering heat!

    The horror!

    It should of gone to the Dry Cleaners....they are my saving grace for my bags, shirts, and hats....
  5. Yes, its the nylon Fendi. OMG, I don't know WHAT I was thinking...maybe "wash=clean". I looked at the picture of my poor bag and all I could think of was "My eyes, my eyes" Sigh, it was one of the first nice bags I bought for myself. I'll see if the dry cleaners can do anything for it beside making it worse
    Have a good day all
  6. Oh no!!! I hope the dry cleaner can do something. I'm not sure what else to do either.
  7. Oh nuts, Lorri!!! Oh well.... lesson learned, right? Check out ... there are a lot of Fendis there, maybe you can get a replacement. RIP poor bag!
  8. It does look pretty sad. Since its nylon try to wet it again straighten out and gently dry it with a hair dryer to get the wrinkles out. may not be perfect but it may help. as for the leather where the strap is sticking out try folding it the other way for a few days.
  9. Forgot to mention...I would wet it in the sink...damp not soak. Or try a good drycleaner who also cleans leather.
  10. OMG!!! What in the world??? Well, I guess the bag is history now!
    Don't do that again!!!:sad2: :P :lol: :lol: .
  11. :amazed: :sad: :Push: :cry: {--------- my emotions step-by-step when I saw your picture. Man, I am sorry about this:worried:
  12. aw that poor thing. well lessoned learned. good to know...
  13. So sorry! But think of the bright side, you now have a great excuse to buy another bag!
  14. I'm so sorry! I believe there's no fix for this.
  15. my heart just sank for you when I saw this! don't feel bad. I did something worse.
    Last November, I was getting ready for my nephews wedding at my dads house. (2 hours away from my home). The brand new dress I bought for the occassion had a wrinkle in it. Less than 90 minutes from the ceremony, I grab my dads iron that has a steamer on it. I barely hold the iron up to the dress, about 4 -5 inches away and BLAM! static electricity causes the dress to cling to the iron and burn a triangle out of the dress! I stood there mouth wide open in extreme shock.:amazed: Had no time to cry. Ran to the nearest mall and bought a sub-par dress to attend the wedding.
    Hope this makes you giggle a little cause I can laugh about it now...