So strange (newlywed reflections)...

  1. when you really realize that your new husband is actually your closest family member.

    I was at a family wedding this weekend and the photographer took a picture of the entire extended family. She wanted to group the smaller immediate families together within the big picture so she said, "Everyone take a step toward your immediate, closest relative."

    I was standing between my (single) mom and my husband. Both of them stepped toward me. I stepped toward my husband.

    It was a weird moment. That was the first time in my life that my mom did not fit that description. It must have been weird for her as well.
  2. Crazy huh?! I know what you mean!
  3. Oh yes, I understand what you mean. That's the way it should be though;) Not that you love your mom any less than you did before but once you commit to a life with someone, they SHOULD be your priority.

    I'm was always pretty close with my mom. When I moved away from home, started dating my now hubby & even right after we were married, I still was a bit homesick for "home" & my parents. As the years have passed, that feeling has long since waned. Now I know I'm "home" with my husband & kids & it's a nice, peaceful feeling.
  4. Its the only person you chose to be your family, right?? It doesn't mean you don't love your mom but its the person who you'll spend the majority with of your life with.
  5. Yes - I remember that feeling... it took a while but it's sad when you eventually do feel like a guest in your parent's home. It's not your home anymore... ugh - I am so melancholy since Christmas is over. Sniff. I think I am sleep deprived! This thread is making me sad.:s
  6. Very true...Aw, don't be sad:flowers: It happens to all of us old married women;)
  7. That makes me sad too!! I'm getting married in July and I can't wait to spend my life with my fiancee but it was sad on Christmas realizing it was my last time waking up in my parents house!!:crybaby:
  8. I hear you!
    My parents are jealous because I'm the only child.
  9. I know what you mean, that´s definitely how it goes!
  10. That Ashlend, is what love is all about :heart:
  11. Aww I can't relate, but that must be nice and sad at the same time. Strange is the right word, I guess.
  12. I didn't feel so attached to my husband and until I had our daughter, after which, I really started feeling that we were a family, so of like we're always going to be together feeling. What's so ironic is that my daughter whose a little over two wants us to be together all the time, even when we're going to the bathroom:smile: She will say, "all together, hold hands." So cute...makes me tear up every time.
  13. i am married... but I cant relate. My parents are everything to me and I will never choose anyone over them.
  14. Reading this brought tears to my eyes cause this is what it really means to get married IMO. :yes: