So stinkin' excited!

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  1. I stopped at TJ Maxx today and ended up with some goodies! I have been stalking this bag for the longest time. I love the detaling on the handles and I love the khaki/black combo. I sold my Leigh that was the khaki/black and while I didn't like the weight of it I loved the color combo!

    Here are my finds! (coach pics as I'm running off to dinner)

    Bleeker Zip Hobo


    Samantha's in green

    Mia's in tortise

  2. Congrats!

    Do you mind sharing what you paid for them?
  3. Oh wow! What great finds! Congrats!
  4. Cute finds! Love the zip hobo and the sunnies! Congrats!
  5. GAHHH I never find anything at my TJ Maxx stores! Great finds, I have the first bag too! And you can't go wrong with sunnies!
  6. OMG, what fantastic finds!! My TJ Maxx never has anything. Enjoy your new goodies, especially the purse, which I absolutely love.
  7. Congrats! My TJMaxx never has any Coach either. Can't wait to see your photos. :smile:
  8. Thanks! Lynzbyz, I paid $59.99 for the sunnies and $159.99 for the bag which I know is too much but I don't live near a boutique or an outlet and I was afraid of ebay so I'm totally good with the price.

    My TJM also had the same bags in brown and black leather, they were $179.99.
  9. i need sunnies! those are great! :smile:
  10. Wow, what great finds! You're so lucky that your TJ Maxx has sunnies! I never find any at mine.
  11. I like the black/khaki combo too. It is classy. Cute sunnies.