So.. speedy 25 and a 30..

  1. Hello!

    I have a simple question for your lovely TPFers!
    I know on the monogram speedy.. there is 3 LV's across the front/back for the speedy 25.. and there is 4 LV's across the front/back on the speedy 30.. but is there a difference for the damier 25/30 comparison? ^^;

    Like how they position the squares that read Louis Vuitton.. or is it just.. guess and tell.. xD

  2. I suppose it might be the amount of squares from each tab to the end of the bag perhaps. If you get me.
  3. I am sure there is a difference, I am just not sure exactly how many squares each has.
  4. The speedy 25 has 15 squares, speedy 20 has 17 squares + one half square on both sides. Two squares has LV squares.
  5. I counted the dark squares, and found 7 on the 25 and 9 on the 30.