So Sorry Marc -- I Cheated Today!!

  1. Love those Chloe' bags....great deal too. How many pockets does it have? They are so famous for making bags that "function" and look great ?
  2. Love your new bags especially the Heloise. I cheated on Marc too so don't feel bad.:shame: I purchased a LAMB Treviso clutch, a Rebecca Minkoff Matinee, a Kenneth Cole wallet, and a Mulberry Mabel. Marc doesn't have anything to worry about though because I'll always go back to him.:p
  3. Are you referring to the Heloise? It has one main section in the center that has a full length zipper and two open pockets on either side of that -- inside, there's an inner zippered pocket and another open pocket

    Pictures, please!! Esp of the Mulberry Mabel -- I've heard wonderful things about that bag (I have a Mulberry Bayswater myself).

    Love to see the pics of our "mistresses"!!! LOL!
  4. [​IMG]
    Here's the Mulberry Mabel in goat skin.

    LAMB Treviso Clutch. I just love this convertible clutch so much I have three so far. I still need the red and maybe the yellow one and then I'm done with my obsession.

    Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in ocean and gold crackle. I don't have a picture with the sides flipped up. I don't have a picture of my Kenneth Cole wallet either sorry.:push:
  5. ^^Your Mabel is beautiful, but that RM Matinee - WOW! Love the color! I had a Black Matinee (w/blue suede flaps) but ended up selling it after buying a few too many MJs!!!

    BTW -- at least when I carry my Heloise (or any other bag for that matter!), I still have MJ with me -- I always use a ZC and have at least one MJ pouch inside! In addition, I pulled out my Stam keyring and am trying to figure out a way to fasten it to my bag! LOL!!!
  6. Nice to mix it up right??? I cheated on MJ too-- I got a BV wallet from Filene's Basement last Tuesday because I couldn't resist the price. But I went back to Marc tonight at Saks and got the PW ZC in indigo... All is well Marc, I'm still yours!
  7. Your Heloise is striking. :heart: The color, the leather. Seriously, you are forgiven. Enjoy her.
  8. Me, too. I cheated today because of Chloe....
    Here is a picture... I fell in love with her...

  9. Ooooo -- that chocolate Paddy is so Yummy!!! Where did you get her from? Do you use MJ accessories to "stay committed"?? LOL

    C'mon girls -- I know there are other "cheaters" out there!! Let's see what tempted you away from Marc!!
  10. I bought it in Saks with 25% F&F promotion.
    I saved more than $300, and I think it is not bad deal....

    Actually I bought my new Rosemary ZC for 'staying committed'....
    I think the Rosemay ZC goes with chocolate Paddy well.
    I love both of them....:heart::heart::heart:
  11. ^^No -- that's a great deal on a NWT Paddy!! I saw lots of Capsule Paddys on the sale tables last year, but I've never seen a "traditional" Paddy -- I think they're one of the first bags to go come markdowns, so any time you can get one w/a d/c is a good move.

    A Rosemary ZC? Have you posted pics of it? I haven't heard of/seen that color yet -- Luv to see it!
  12. I LOVE the chloe maggie! congratulations! I've been coveting one for ages!
  13. I'm pretty loyal to Marc. I do love my L.A.M.B., though. I have quite a few L.A.M.B. bags and like to mix it up a bit when I am not toting Marc. Other than these, I have a Bulga, Francesco Biasia, Betsey Johnson, Cynthia Rowley, etc. I wouldn't mind adding a Chloe Heloise in Black to my collection, though!
    2272297732_82e84be4a5.jpg 2271509931_489d42486b.jpg
  14. HOLY COW!! Look at all those LAMB Bags!!! I always liked that Rainbow print & thought about getting one -- they have them at our NR. I esp like the one that looks like the LV Alma bag -- Wow roro, 9 stams and all those LAMB -- when you love something, you REALLY go all out!!

    (btw -- I can TOTALLY see you with a Black Heloise. You should SERIOUSLY think about it -- I have to admit, it's become one of my favorite bags! (SShhhh -- don't tell Marc!:blush::blush:)

    (My Heloise & Stam bags!!: :bagslap:)
  15. Actually -- I returned the Maggie when I decided that I wanted the Heloise. It was a great bag and I liked it a lot, but since it was an impulse buy and not something I was really looking for, I decided to return it & buy the bag I REALLY wanted!! (that's actually why I was able to buy the Heloise -- I returned the Maggie and the Hudson and bought the Heloise instead)