So Sorry Marc -- I Cheated Today!!

  1. Great bag thunder! Congrats on your first Bal.:smile:
  2. OMG Lj and Thunder !!! You have been so naughty. I have only been gone for 4 weeks and you both already have 2 gorgegous cheats - I am so envious :hbeat:

    Lj: That purple roady is Totally you. Tres chic :tup: Congrats on another worthy YSL addition.

    Thunder: You have been a very very bad girl!! A Chanel valentine and now a Bal bag :sweatdrop: I love the leather, it looks amazing and I bet that leather feels so good on the skin too :cloud9: Congrats on a superb addition.

    I better start saving up for a YSL bag and a Bal bags now :angel:
  3. congrats
  4. thanks, IG, lj and mab! i couldn't resist. :shame: heehee...
  5. That is a beautiful bag! I was so tempted in buying a Balenciaga First but opted for MJ instead. I was just too afraid of the fading.
  6. Thunder, your Balenciaga is gorgeous! The texture of the leather just looks so soft and squishy!
  7. you can't go wrong with the MJ or MBMJ. your new natasha is so pretty! his bags typically wear really well, nice and durable.
    thank you! i love the leather on it, and it's super light. :biggrin:
  8. My bag ban didn't go so well :nogood:

    But at the same time, I did sell a lot of bags. 16, in fact! Some I regretted buying, some were not used and others I loved but couldn't use due to the weight (my beloved lambskin PTTM left me this weekend).

    And so I bought a Chanel PST. The straps help my shoulder and it's the perfect size for me. I'm now alternating between my Marc Jacobs Large Single and the Chanel PST. Let's now restart my ban until June 2013 :lol:
  9. So sweet on you!

    Oi, don't fall into Bals - it won't stop... :p Dark night is such a fabulous color!

    This is my cheat: My new Céline Micro in smooth leather, for which I waited nearly 2 month came today! Yai! :smile:


    Here with her larger sister pebbled camel.


    And a modeling pic!

    Celine TRagebild.jpg
  10. Sorry MJ. I'm a sucker for Chanel Cambon. Here is the extra large Chanel Cambon Tote. Such a fancy name, lol! It's black/gray with orange interior.
  11. love it!
  12. Amazing!!!! Those Celines are absolutely TDF! Many congratulations!!
  13. I cheated on Marc (again)! I just haven't really fall for anything in the past few seasons. Here it goes...

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    I guess no one is here but I'll leave another sneak peek...

  15. And now to reveal the cheat...



    More details on my blog along with modeling pics. :smile: