So Sorry, another Batignolles Horiz Question!

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Since it seems like the hottest bag on this LV forum is the I'm contemplating getting this one since it seem super functional for school, my only questions are....

    Can I fit my 14 inch laptop in it? I've tried reading everyone's threads but I can't come to a conclusion!

    Also, how does the bag look look when you undo the buckles on the top to allow more room!? Does it look funny?It seems to look best when it's buckled but what if I need to fit a couple of books??

    Please help! I can't go into the city until another two weeks and it's driving me crazy!! Pictures would be soooo helpful!

  2. I dont have one, but from the measurements on elux (13.4" x 11.8" x 5.4") you cant fit your laptop in it.
  3. thanks for the dimensions! but a couple of the ladies here said that you could fit a laptop...and the sides kind of maybe? Others said no....has anyone tried? I think Noriko said it wasn't the best...hmmmm:shame:
  4. I can fit my 12" Ibook inside no problem (I just tried it), and I'm pretty sure a 14" would fit as well. So sorry, I wish I could take a pic, but I don't have a camera. You could fit maybe the laptop and one or two notebooks. The buckles look kinda funky just hanging loose, but there is quite a bit of expansion if you move the buckle to the first (widest) hole. Unfortunately, I think it is a skosh too small to be a school bag. I have a Cabas Mezzo that I love, I think that would make a great school tote.
  5. I use my BH for school. I can fit 2 books and a binder inside as well as my wallet and junk. I am only attending one class though. I wouldn't suggest using it for multiple classes.
  6. i can fit my notebook in it, too.
    i never tried opening the side buckles but i have a feeling that would make the bag look a little boxy and bulgy.
    but it's absolutely perrrrrfect for school and work.
    you can throw all your junk in there and it would still look purty.
  7. thanks for the comment...I only have one to two classes at a time, so I don't have a tons of books just a couple notbooks at a time. Any input on a laptop??