So sore!

  1. I have been doing 30 minutes on the treadmill every other day.

    Then I read that Hallie Berry does 4 hours on the treadmill when she isn't filming.

    I thought - well if that girl can do 4 hours then I can do at least 1 hour every other day.

    And I have been doing so.

    Crikey - I'm sore! :crybaby:

    I hope this soreness will last only a few weeks and then I can do 1 hour 6 days out of the week. I stretch lots before, during, after, and several other times during early morning and evening.

    Tell me I will survive!

  2. I am sure the soreness will leave you soon. Just think how great you are going to look. :smile:
  3. Good for you! It'll pay off soon!!
  4. Good for you! I bet your soreness will end soon enough. I think that drinking lots of water might help flush out all the bad chemicals that get stirred up in your muscles when you workout. Maybe that will help alleviate some of the pain too.:idea:
  5. :yes: Good for you .
  6. Once your body is used to your new exercise regimine you will start to build stamina and slowly condition your body.

    Good for you & keep it up!!
  7. Halle and collegues get PAID to look the way she does. How many of us have the leisure to work out 4 hours a day? I can barely find ONE!

    Don't over-exert yourself! But kudos for the hour mark! That's an accomplishment!!!!
  8. That is a really nice workout- the sore feeling is a great one. Keep stretching and your body will begin to get used to it and adjust :yes:
  9. Hang in there! It will get easier and less painful! I thought I was pretty fit and in shape UNTIL I started going to the gym, HA, was I wrong! But I now do an hour on the treadmill (45 minutes fast walk and 15 minutes full run) and I spend 30 minutes on the Ellyptical (spelling?) forwards and backwards and I TRY and do the stair machine too, at least 10 flights , if I can still feel my legs. I do that 4 times a week and twice a week I go for a Spinning/RPM class that KILLS. Theres a couple of other classes I want to try, but we'll see. Hate going to workout but once those endorfins kick in I love it.