so some pfers do not trust..........

  1. So some pfers do not trust eBay, I can understand why after all the nightmare stories but can anyone recommend another site/way to sell on stuff?
  2. Yes, eBay has some horror stories.
    But the stories you read are from people sharing their frustrations or are looking for help.
    I think there are also a lot of stories out there where everything goes right,
    but you don't get to see them much because there is nothing to vent about, KWIM?

    I don't know of any other site which involves millions of members from all over the world.
  3. i have gotten authentic chanel stuff from eBay... from a fellow PFer no less! It's not as horrible as you would think. But you do have to be careful. And Monica and Michele help fellow PFers autheticate bags, spot fakes to ensure peace of mind. Go into the Authenticate This thread to look at what they look for in certain bags to determine authenticity and I think it'll really help you establish some form of credibility as a seller? :biggrin: HTH