SO SO SO MAD at EBAGS! SAD customer service!!!

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  1. GRRRR!!! I am SOOOO angry at ebags right now. So angry in fact, that I just contacted the BBB. I ordered a bag on the 17th and hav been waiting on it to arrive. I got my order #, confirmation, etc. and everything looked straight. I was out of town this weekend for the holiday and figured that surely it would arrive by now, as they sent a tracking number for UPS. When it did not come I decided to hop on and check the progress. GUESS WHAT!!??? It was delivered to Manchester, G. B on the 24th and COOPER, whoever THAT is supposed to be signed for it. ANYWAY, I contact ebags who immediately realize that there was a mistake on their end and tell them I want my bag NOW. They then inform me that I will have to wait 2 DAYS for a response on whether they will SHIP another bag to me, or just give me a refund. THEY want to investigate where the bag is. GUESS WHAT?!?! NOT my problem. LOSER customer service. I am FURIOUS right now. THEY screwed up, THEY need to take care of me and THEN they can piddle off to find their bag that they SHIPPED TO THE WRONG COUNTRY!!
    Terrible, just terrible customer service. I will never order from these idiots again.:cursing:
  2. I received an empty box from Yoox and got the same response: We'll investigate with UPS and get back to you. I got a refund about a week later.
  3. OMG - how is it possible to get it so wrong...??:wtf:
    The wrong country for starters...:shrugs:

    When i recently had a package delivered by USPS they left it with my next door neighbour...even though i was in. The delivery guy didn't even ring the doorbell...and i didn't even know it had been left next door until i checked the progress of my parcel online, there was no card through the door.:rolleyes:

    I'm sorry you've had to go through this, i hope you get it sorted soon!
    Good luck xx:heart:
  4. Shipping is getting SOOOOOOOO paltry lately. It's like they just don't give a damn.

    I ordered some stuff online from a few places and I literally spent WEEKS at the post office.

    Not to mention a client of mine sent me an interview tape so that I could complete her book and it got lost in the shipping - never found and PRICELESS. Has thrown back the completion date for her book WEEKS!!!


  5. Yeah, I don't get it at all. I guess they must have slapped the wrong address on the wrong bag/order, whatever, but still...what REALLY burns me the most is that they just want me to hold on for a few DAYS! GRRRRRR. No. Send me a new bag. This was your f-up. Not mine. That is clear by the transaction history. Poor customer service is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.
  6. Sorry to hear about the terrible customer service, djgirl.
  7. OMG how the hell do you manage to send a bag to another country???? that is fing ridiculous I would get my money and run
  8. I also had a problem when I ordered from eBags. I got an order confirmation number and then...nothing for over a week. I finally called them to ask them where my bag was, only to have them turn around and admit that they couldn't get it from the supplier so they were canceling my order. Later that night, I got the "official" e-mail repeating what I had been told over the phone by customer service. They offered my free upgraded shipping on my next purchase, but I don't know if I would order from them again as they don't seem very reliable.
  9. Yeah...that is kind of the feeling I have. They just sent me a tracking number for something else because they never had the bag in the first place or didn't want to sell it with a discount code. So they just sent me the wrrong tracking number, tell me to hold on while they "check it out" and all the while, they likely had no intention of ever sending me the bag. I just had to vent because they had the nerve to act like I should just be great with things, even after knowing that they sent my bag to another country, and trust that they will do their "investigation" and call me back and then, do the right thing. Unlikely. Why should I trust them? If I had not researched my own bag, I would have been waiting months for this before I found out. Either way, what a total loser internet operation. I will never order from them again. Nyshopaholic, sounds like we agree about that.:rolleyes: We shouldn't HAVE to track down our purchases. That is a bunch of BS! Legit businesses don't make a customer do that.
  10. Definitely. And it is a shame, because I think their website is designed really well and placing the order was really easy. Perhaps they should now focus on vastly improving their customer service before they lose any more customers.
  11. What these etailers don't seem to realize is that, just as the internet has opened up their customer base to the world, it also opens up an avenue for dissatisfied customers to air their complaints to the world. It is ridiculous for ebags to expect you to wait while they investigate their mistake. It doesn't matter to you how or why the mistake was made, that's their problem. They need to just send you your bag.

    I recently ordered a ring from I've done business with them once before and had no problems. This time though, I'm not happy because they charged my account $2500 on November 20th, yet they don't have the ring and expect it to be shipped from the manufacturer on December 11th. The check out page had promised 2 day delivery. As I asked the customer service rep - so Mondera decided to take a 3 week loan out on my credit card???? I have no patience with etailers that charge people's accounts for merchandise the etailer doesn't have in stock. Listen up etailers - don't charge the customer until you're dropping the merchandise in the mail!!!!
  12. djgirl...I am soo sorry. What they should have done is to send you your exact bag that day and overnight it to you, at their expense. This is not YOUR problem, or shouldn't be. You wait while they investigate? Not the way to run a business, imo.
  13. I'm so sorry. Yikes! What a nightmare and such an inconvenience to you!
  14. i ordered a backpack from ebags and they sent me one that was ripped.. i returned it and then ordered a new one.. they sent me the EXACT SAME ripped bag.. so then i e-mailed their customer service and told them what happened.. they assured me that i would not receive the same bag.. so i ordered another one.. and surprise surprise.. they sent me the SAME ONE!! so then i called their customer service and the FOURTH TIME i finally recieved a different, not ripped bag..

    ive ordered from them before but after this.. i dont think i will.
  15. WOW, that is crazy! I can't believe it took them 4 times for them to send you a new bag. Sorry for everyones bad experiences.

    My bf's sister ordered a cheap lunch bag or something from them, she had no problem. I don't think I'll ever order anything from them.