So sick of the cold already

  1. This morning it was -32c/-25f without windchill! It is not even December yet! Then I heard on the radio that my area is in for the coldest winter in 15 years! - 40 here we come. Anyone else sick of the cold?
  2. OMG! That's awful! Where do you live that it's that cold? I'm in Maryland and I haven't been warm for days, but it's not nearly as awful's in the low 40's. I absolutely loathe and hate cold weather.
  3. I'm sick of the cold too already...and it's only November! And the snow was pretty at first, but now it's just a bother.
  4. as i'm typing i'm wearing 2 thick socks that cover my calves, a beanie, sweats, sweater, and gloves!!!!
    it's sooooo cold!!!
    i'm in the Bay Area so it doesn't get "that" bad out here like in other places.
  5. In Canada. About 2 hours from the Montana/US boarder. I so need to move, this is crazy!
  6. OH you poor can you stand it.......I go to the cold once or twice a year to play.......but would never live in it..............come on down to the Sunshine State......warm and sunny !!!!!!:heart:H
  7. Sad thing is that in the summer it is HOT! For 6 weeks it was +38/100f here. It is a rotten heat too-my grandma who had just moved back from living in Mesa AZ for 20 years though she was going to melt. Unreal.
  8. We're wimps here in L.A. It was 65 degrees today and it was FREEZING! I was wearing my Uggs! I'm usually wearing my flip flops year round, but today I couldn't' take my cold little toes.
    We had been contemplating moving to Bellingham Washington about a year ago and decide we couldn't take the rain. It's like 32 degrees there today (the HIGH) and we were laughing. OMG - no way.
    I've only seen snow fall twice in my life! :jammin:
  9. Boy, and I thought it was cold here but I guess I won't complain. It has been in the upper 20's here and we are suppose to get a snow storm tomorrow night. What kills me is the wind chill. It takes me a little while to get use to the cold at the start of winter. Then your body gets use to it after awhile. After subzero temps, 30's starts feeling like a heat wave!
  10. ahhhh the joys of Florida, it was 81 here today :supacool:
  11. I miss the 80's. :crybaby:
  12. Haha! I read that and thought you meant literally like the 1980's! :wlae: But eh hem...back on track, a cold every now and then is good. I don't think I could tolerate really seriously cold weather though being that I've been born and raised here in Los Angeles for decades. Maybe my blood is too thin now.....:p
  13. Me too!:lol:
  14. Alberta, right?
    I read that this year is going to be the coldest in 15 years. Bundle up!
  15. I am not looking forward to the cold either. It was the mid 40's today but the sun was shining and I am inside now. I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. See ya next summer!!!