So sick... can't sleep

  1. A week ago I got a wicked case of the flu- it came onto me quickly and left about 24 hours later, but it wasn't pretty. And then this past weekend, I went on a trip to NYC. The trip was more than amazing! My mom and two younger brothers came up too- and the little man had what my mom called allergies. Well, he actually had a brutal cold, which I now have. I think because my immune system was already down from the week before, I got hit hard. :cry:

    My throat feels like needles when I swallow, my glands are protruding, and this cold is killer. I can't sleep at all. Leave it to the sweetest man to leave the house at 4:10 am to go get me some popsicles and throat spray. Vlad really is the sweetest guy ever :love: Since I can't sleep.. I figured I'd post about my misery on here... ughh I am being such a whiney baby right now. Seriously, Vlad needs a man of the year award because I can ahrdly handle myself right now- I can't imagine how he feels!! :shame: :heart:
  2. OH NOooooo....that is terrible:cry: !!! I am so...sorry that you feel like %^**! Vlad is really nice....I can't imagine my DH even thinking of leaving the house at 4 in the morning for anything!!! I hope the popsicles and throat spray work.....feel better soon!:flowers:
  3. Feel better soon Megs! Vlad is really sweet... I am up at 3 am too for some reason. Been feeling too stressed out recently!
  4. He's back... with 48 popsicles and throat spray. I attempted to spray myself, but it hit my teeth and didn't work at all... it kinda all fell out of my mouth all over ym body. So Vlad even had to spray for me :shame:
  5. Get well soon, Megs and lucky you for having someone so sweet to take care of you!! :heart:
  6. Oh Megs, I feel for you. My husband is just now getting over the same thing! He's had it for almost a week now, he said the worst part was his throat!! Then I got it but not as bad (Thank God). Hopefully this will be the last round for the summer!! Think of it that way. Hope you feel better soon!!
  7. My hugs to you.
  8. Hope you feel better soon. If your throat hurts that bad, maybe you've got strep.
  9. Aww! Everyone's allowed to whine when they're sick. Feel better, Megs!
  10. Megs - I so sympathise with you. That feeling of needles in your throat - aaagh! So glad you have someone to look after you! Get well soon!!
  11. Get well soon Megs! I just got over a cold that lasted for 1 month and now I have allergies. Thank goodness for lucky lucky girl!
  12. Aww, thats awful. Hope you get well soon and that the spray helps...
  13. Oh is bird flu? LOL just kidding!! Try and gargle with warm salt water. That helps alot. Also take Advil (I am sure you are already doing it). Slurpees are REALLY good for sore throats. Send that man of yours out again! And whatever you not get Vlad sick. We all know how men become the biggest babies when they are sick!!
    Feel better!!!!
  14. dang Megs. I'm so sorry!:yucky:
    {{{big hugs to you and to Vlad for Dr'ing you!}}}:flowers:
  15. Ahh - Hope you feel better soon - I just hate being up in the early hours of the morning - you feel completely alone and everything seems so much worse than in the cold light of day!!! At least you have Vlad and I hope you get better soon:biggrin: