So should it be mousse or chocolat, help???

  1. I know this is a longshot but I am planning (I say planning not buying) my next paddy, now I must add the first will only come to me in april and I am greatly looking forward to receiving this beauty in blanc.
    But I somehow cannot stop wondering what should come next.

    I am really in love with mousse and chocolat. Mousse is just such a unique color and I love the silverhardware, chocolate is more classic but very warm and deep unlike mousse....:sweatdrop:

    Which one ?
  2. If you like the mousse I would get it, many other bags come in a chocolate colour, and it's likely you will fall in love with one of them. It'll probably be easier to fill your brown bag need in the future, than it would be to fill your greyish-green bag need. :smile:

    Ps: Plus mousse is preeetttyyy!! :nuts:
  3. You really can't go wrong with either but the mousse color is just so unique!
  4. What a tough decision! Which one will better fill/complete your handbag collection? Do you already have any deep browns?

    Personally I'd choose chocolate but that's just personal preference. For me I think it's because I saw the mousse at my local designer department store and I'm not sure if the one on display had an old lock or whether it's meant to look like a muted silver almost nickel/pewter like metal - but the lock looked old and not very attractive to me.

    But then again - I love pictures of Argent with the silver padlock and I love the crystal padlock!

  5. The problem is I really don't know...I have a greige day and wonder if in some ways it's not too similar to the mousse (would go with same clothes ???)
    Personally I do love the silverhardware with the mousse very much.

    What deep brown is concerned I only have a Dior that color but it's small and I don't use it that much anymore, that is why I was wondering if I shouldn't get a day in café (bal) this is a totally diffrent style.

    Personally I wear a lot of browns, greys, blacks and various well as a lot of linen, mostly true white, cream or light blue in summer...
  6. That is a tough decision! :yes:

    I think I like them both equally...

    Which one do you think would suit your colouring and wardrobe, best?

  7. As you already have, or could buy, alternative bags for both colours, I think you should go with the colour you love most and the one you will be the most upset about, if you miss. :yes:

    Or get both! :graucho:
  8. They're both my top faves of all time, so it's hard here!

    I have both. :graucho:

    But I think the choice should be less about colour and more about time period.

    I think the Mousse is current and newer, but you could get an older, used chocolate and it could be the softest and smooshiest. Which would you like?

    I lucked out with my chocolate.

    As for beauty of colour, I like Mousse, but brown is my staple and my original dream Paddy colour.
  9. Here, I took a photo, side-by-side.
  10. I am certainly no help, I would say both ;)

    Personally I always lean towards darker colors. Perhaps you should get the Chocolate because you have a greige Bbag and your Dior is smaller and probably can't be used everyday.
  11. I am going to recommend you go with chocolat:

    • the chocolates in general seem to have the best of the 06 leathers
    • the chocolate is a greater contrast to the blanc
    • the chocolate is the perfect go-to bag for any occassion, esp those where you don't want to carry a white bag (ie wine tasting, LOL!)
    • the mousse and the blanc seem to go with the same color palattes, IMHO
    Either way tho, you can't go wrong!!

    Here is a pic of the three colors together (+ Mom's whiskey) if this helps:


  12. Yes that contrast is Yummy. I would eat that dessert up!

  13. I think you're right as much as I love mousse as a color I might not use it as much and I do think I will wear the paddy more with my feminine outfits so chocolate would be a better choice...
    ....ahhhhhh being reasonnable is so hard.
  14. Hmmm, I just realised that ivory will certainly not go with true white but mousse would, now so does chocolate but the contrast is a bit strong....just thinking aloud:shame:
  15. I would get chocolat. I had mousse, and although it's sooooo pretty, i had other goto bags so i never got to use her :crybaby: