so should I get the Chanel Medallion or get another MUSE?

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  1. I have my Ysl Muse now and I love it. Should I get another Muse in a different color? Should I get the Chanel medallion tote?
  2. what color Chanel are you considering? that's gonna make my vote :P
  3. I'd say go for the Chanel Medallion if you already have a Muse! Or whichever your heart calls out for more :P
  4. The very fact that u already have a Muse and would not mind getting another speaks volumes!!
  5. chanel please
  6. What colours are you looking at? I tend to like the shape of the Muse better but I've also seen it in colours that were sort of meh IMO.
  7. ^ ITA. My vote will depend on the colors.
  8. Agreed with most of the above, need to know colours! Chanel would take my vote in black and beige, I'd probably go for the muse in any other colour :smile:
  9. I want the black with gold. If there is a navy i will go with that too.
  10. I use my Chanel medallion everyday! I love it and think it is the most functional purse I own!
  11. I would have said Muse - but since you already have one I'm going to say Chanel.
  12. Chanel since you already have a Muse.
  13. I would say Chanel because you already have a Muse. I have a Muse and used to have a Medallion but sold it because it was really hard to get in and out of and it wouldn't stay on my shoulder when I had a jacket on. Have you thought about the GST?
  14. Since you already have a muse, I'd say Chanel.... GL! :biggrin:
  15. I would say yes if only Mediallion, GST, PST and the likes doesnt have such HUGE IN YOUR FACE's a very nice bag, nice design and classy looking but the logo just spoilt it for me....Muse it is...