So...... should I get Denim Baggy GM - or - Damier Duomo?

  1. I have been staring at pics of these two bags for over a week now and can't decide!!! Help! Everybody in my house has quit talking to me about it so I have turned here. :love:

    I lusted after the Damier Pap 30 and then hated when I finally got it. BUT, I saw the Duomo in person that day and loved it! I just didn't want to pay the price then... so I'd made up my mind to get it and then bumped into a lady carrying the blue Baggy GM and fell in love with that!

    Basically, I am a very casual dresser - at work or otherwise. Jeans, capris and shorts with nice tops and killer sandals. :P

    I'm 45 -- guess I'm worried the denim is too young and the damier is too 'formal' and this is where I can't make up my mind!

    If you were me what would you get?? I want to order no later than tomorrow... THANKS!!!
  2. Ok, I'm throwing in the denim Neo Speedy as a choice, too...

    Denim Neo Speedy?
    Damier Duomo?
    Denim Baggy GM?
  3. Baggy GM!!!:love: (if you already have a damier piece)
  4. I don't! I really don't care that much for the Damier leather, but I loved the Duomo...

    Baggy GM is how I have been leaning though...
  5. Is the Duomo the one that kinds looks like a Speedy?

    You and I have the same taste. :yes:

    I have the baggy gm and the neo AND also really like the Duomo.

    If I had to pick one I woiuld say get the baggy gm. You can wear it on the shoulder, its comfy and cute. ;)

    Good luck
  6. I would get the damier's more of a classic piece...something that you won't get tired of in a year or so. :smile:
  7. Ok - thanks gals!!! Two votes for the Baggy GM and that works for me! :yes: I was just worried it would look too young on me!

    It's already in the cart, so I'm going to go for it!!!
  8. I have a baggy gm and it's a great bag. I've been using mine for the last two weeks.
  9. Dang, I saw this post after my last one... you hit the nail on the head with your comment, too. I AM worried I'll get tired of the denim one more quickly than the Damier...

    Ugh -- I'm so pathetic -- I just can't decide! I was all set for the other one just 30 seconds ago!
  10. OK - just call me fickle! LOL!

    I am getting the Denim Baggy GM!!! I keep going back to that one the most. At least with elux, I have time to decide and figured I can always exchange it.

    Thanks again!!!

  11. What color Denim bag are you planning to buy?

    If its the blue then I say get it. its like blue jeans. You'll never get tired of it. I love love love mine It matches with everything casual. EVERYTHING. Like a pair of jeans :yes:
  12. Ok, maybe this will help - it sounds like your style is more casual. The baggy will fit right in and also looks great when you're a little more dressed up. I've worn my baggy with a black sheath type dress and high heeled sandals and it looked great.

    To me, the duomo is a dressier bag and damier, IMO, is more of a fall/winter bag.

    I guess buying them both isn't an option :smile: ?
  13. Thank goodness for return/exchange policies!!!
  14. yippee!!! congrats on making a decsion and so quickly!!!! be sure to post up pics once you get your new bag! go the Denim Baggy GM
  15. I got blue! I am SO excited now!!! This is most definitely the most expensive bag I'll have ever bought!

    My 14 1/2 year old daughter is thrilled with my decision. :rolleyes: I think she thinks she's going to get to borrow it.